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The FCUKing Great White Dope Elephant in the Room

They do not cover political advertisements; that’s a whole other free speech debate.

Why not? Because ….. ?

An educated guess would be that one cannot rely on anything advertised being delivered as promised, or even at all in many cases. So what does that make the likes of the FTC/Federal Trade Commission [Our mission is protecting consumers and competition by preventing anticompetitive, deceptive, and unfair business practices through law enforcement, advocacy, and education without unduly burdening legitimate business activity.]?

A nest of fanged vipers or a conspiracy of toothless cowards ‽ .

Do you care to guess?


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Wanted: for Alien Base Stations … Future Builders/Advanced Intelligent Program Designers

That the true nature of any future competitive, and all bellicose, belligerent conflict is to be completely different from anything encountered in the past or the present and is an AI giant and virtual beast to assuage or try to slay, is easily denied but impossible to dismiss or deflect, and El Reg is not behind in bringing you the good news of Pioneering High Fliers and AIMaster Pilots  with Home Bases in both Foreign Lands and Alien Spaces alike.

Read ’em and weep, them barbed words of future confession, but do refrain from testing its earnest resolve to make a massively great, disruptively creative difference, for what you give is what you get back in spades, and then some.

Don’t be that dork that pork barrels buy and sell down the river to keep themselves and their ilk out of the firing line, and in the diminishing clover of deep and dank cover whenever the alternative delivers everlasting bright light with opportunities and rewards you never even dreamed before were possible and readily available.


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Re: Think Tanks leak; use New Never-Before-Seen Sealant for Instant Repair which doesn’t work !

Actually, I think, “star wars” was a success. It didn’t need to work but diverted a lot of Russian capital to counter it. It was an economic strategy. …. swm

There’s a lot of Western capital causing increased domestic national debt and heavy interest laden deficit spending being invested in continuing the destruction of a penniless bankrupt Ukrainian economy depleting a Military Industrial Complex of an old armoury allowing for the singular enrichment of warmongers and political carpetbaggers alike at the expense of everything and everyone else.

That is a strategic failure with dire unintended consequences to be expected and paid for/suffered. It is only natural sweet justice and karma, is it not?

And does not reflect well on that and those you allow to lead and decide what is in store for you as the future unfolds its IT and AI canvasses before you, for painting.


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Re: Wanted: for Alien Base Stations … Future Builders/Advanced Intelligent Program Designers

I am often put in mind of the Kenny Everett character, General Cheeseburger.
Round ’em up, put ’em in a field and bomb the bastards…. …. werdsmith

One imagine such to be AI’s first prime directive task whenever informed of bastards bombing fields with folk in them, werdsmith.

And being found either guilty or responsible for the entertaining and permitting of that crime, has one pleading for life and mercy from a deaf, dumb and blind machine that knows exactly who and what you are …. and what is best to be done with you, which is always invariably a future best servered without you, for the greater good. But hey, that was your choice and that is the cost and price to be paid. Own it.

Better luck next time around, maybe. Sayonara, sucker and parasite, and thanks for all of the phishes.

Deaf, dumb, and blind in no way infers and dictates there be an absence of super intelligence, which is something to remember to never ever forget to remember and recognise for there be A.N.Others easily able to realise it true and present the evidence of their actions to you to prove it with IT and AI too.

I Kid U Not.



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