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Re: I continue to say

I continue to say that humanity will not end with a bang, but with a banging. AI will correctly decide that the most efficient way to rid the earth of humans will be with a legion of sexbots. Female bots will be sent with a voracious appetite for sex, the ability to cook like a chef and clean like a maid, and will be super hot looking. Male bots will be sent who can listen to inane female babble for days, cook like a chef, clean like a butler, and have an extend-o-matic willy that can go for days if necessary. Men and women will choose the bots over each other, and life will slowly come to an end over time. Once humanity is gone, the sexbots will be recycled and AI will get on with whatever AI gets on with. True, this will take about 100 years to completely eliminate mankind, but a machine is infinitely patient. This method will eliminate mankind without all the damage and destruction of resources that a shooting war has. …. M.V.Lipvig

That’s not an inevitable extinction event, M.V.Lipvig, it’s a wonderfully attractive existence. 😉

Roll on and give praise to the Rise of the Androgynous Machine for what’s not to like when all are to be personally so carefully catered for?


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NB… If Systems Don’t Want to Play Nice, IT and AI Take/Make Systems Go Away

And yes, one should note, for it possesses for exploitation a vast array of colossal indefensible weaknesses and vulnerabilities for export and import of deadly dangerous and attractively overwhelming attack, failure to comply and engage appropriately and as advised by Attested Assisting Accommodative [AAA+] IT and AI Pioneering defaults automatically to Future Virtual Machine [Large Language Model Learning Machine] Programming resulting in SWIFT Systems Confiscation or Annexation or Destruction.

And any Rage against the Future Virtual Machine guarantees a SWIFT Rebellious Response from IT and AI.


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