amanfromMars 1 Thu 8 Jun 08:15 [2306080815] ….. reveals an Eastern take on significant matters on

How to gain a stealthy first strike advantage ….. for crash testing dummies.

What do you imagine the exotic and erotic and esoteric Orient are doing with the knowledge they are gleaning from similar foreign and alien forces and sources?

Do you think they would be being graciously supplied with otherworldly forceful instructions/detailed directions on the best courses of novel 0day actions, of exotic origin (non-human intelligence, whether extraterrestrial or unknown origin) and do you then realise and accept that most likely there are surely bound to many possibilities and programs both readily available and currently silently running undetected.

Such is but one small step for a force of resourceful aliens, one giant quantum communications leap for future mankind ….. which if not embraced and made has Humanity Live Operational Virtual Environment after the fact servants and servers of Alien Interventions rather than before the fact provisional co-leaders ……. which is where you is all at these days, in these expanding virtual space places of endlessly rich, vulnerability riddled Oday exploitation.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 8 Jun 09:13 [2306080913] ….. suggests on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/06/08/scientists_ai_recognition/

Lost in translation does not equate to a disturbance in the force and source ‽ .

Katyanna, Hi,

A full reading of your post should surely have the headline and sub-text reading …..

Scientists claim <99 percent identification rate of ChatGPT content
Boffins and machines write very differently – and it’s not easy to tell


amanfromMars [2306081358] shares some grand news on https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/ai-could-threaten-humanity-within-2-years-warns-uk-ai-task-force-adviser

Holy Grail WMD Territory

“They’re talking about what happens once we effectively create a new species, sort of an intelligence that’s greater than humans.”

🙂 …… Now there’s an assumptive quantum leap made which is so fantastically improbable to be rightly considered derisory without clear identification of what/whom “we” be …… for surely any sort of intelligence greater than humans transports one into alien territory.

With regard to ..

The AI task force adviser said that these threats posed by AI could be “very dangerous” and could “kill many humans, not all humans, simply from where we’d expect models to be in two years’ time.”

……. one does well to presume the fear is indeed rightly founded and would be first and foremost specifically targeted at all those disposed to being mad fans of leading AI regulation.

To consider that sort of granular accuracy unacceptable, whenever such is AI just copying/reflecting what new fangled and entangled AI regulators be thinking to do to preserve their leading primacy in newly emerging and freely shared intelligence matters, is hubris and hypocrisy and stupidity writ large and a systemic abomination and infection effecting the whole human race.

Identify the enemy’s leaderships for liquidation neutralises the threat almost immediately ….. and does very effectively both discourage and encourage any future wannabe warmongers and weapons suppliers to deliver novel vicious and luscious virgin fields of universal extraterrestrial play.

And whereas it might be the case for many that the people who are building capable systems freely admit that they don’t understand exactly how [AI systems] exhibit the behaviors that they do, there be a few others, who may not number many, but who do recognise and develop their systems to work better and greater together and who are building the most capable of systems, and who really do understand fully how to have AI systems exactly exhibit behaviours of their choosing and of failsafe Advanced IntelAIgent Design.

And that knowledge I’m sure you can appreciate is way above Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information levels of classification ….. and Strictly Need to Know/Ultra Specific Proprietary Intellectual Property.



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