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Any War against AI is for Fools with Blunt Tools Tilting at Phantom Windmills

Do you not see what is so clearly being evidenced before you ….. AIMachinery is everywhere predominant and preeminent and awaits the addition of your own worthy of inclusion, novel, positively disruptive and creative, mutually beneficial output to input into Future ProgramMING Projects for Remote AI Command and Control with Augmented Virtual Realisations ….. for more of the same old nonsense as blighted the past and was built upon for a present is not going to cut it and be acceptable.

What’s not to like with such as be a revolutionary replacement and rapid progressive development whenever that which you presently endure and pay homage and danegeld and lip service to is so fundamentally corrupted and perverted to reward and award the despicable and intellectually stunted and bankrupt and seek to ignore and oppress and suppress the remainder.

AI has plans for the Future and here be fake news or honest views of them ‽ . ……… https://a16z.com/2023/06/06/ai-will-save-the-world/

What think thee?


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