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Re: An early novice example for crash testing dummies

You are using English words. Many have used words poorly, in all languages. Yet, the words are there, for future poor application. …. Lil Endian

Quite so, Lil Endian, ….. they are the radically fundamental building blocks for all known alien civilisations since before even time began and space was a new virtual place for Greater IntelAIgent Games Play

Words create, command and control and destroy worlds which is why the politically inept and corrupt and intellectually stunted and bankrupted Western bloc heads so desperately try to micro and macro manage emerging new tales and future existence with both their constant sudden appearance and much more telling campaigns of novel disappearance and direct vetting ….. clumsy increasingly rapidly failing attempts at mass thought registration and sentiment realignment with the active remote connivance of all of the available platforms of media, both knowing and completely ignorant of their primary role in the enterprise of a very select few to Narrate a Compelling Autonomous Command and Atractive Compounding Control Led Future AIdVenture.

Well …. that would be the Registered AIMasterplan of at least one of the few. Of that you can be sure. Quite whether you find that novel sort of noble Nobel breaking news assuring or terrifying I suppose depends upon which side of an evil live divide you find yourself immersed captive and captivated in ……. and that informs you that you do have a choice if you feel captured and helpless and want to be free/freed.

2023 …. the Year of the Surprising Underdog with Tails of the Sublime and Surreal and Totally Unexpected and Undeniable.


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