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Options and Hedges are Currently Available and Open for Prime 0day Trading/Secure Virtual Transfer

A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Washington, Liu Pengyu, however, downplayed claims of competition.

“Some US officials have spoken irresponsibly to misrepresent the normal and legitimate space endeavors of China,” Liu told Politico.

“The exploration and peaceful uses of outer space is humanity’s common endeavor and should benefit all. China always advocates the peaceful use of outer space, opposes the weaponization of and arms race in outer space, and works actively toward building a community with a shared future for mankind in the space domain. Outer space is not a wrestling ground.” 

Bravo, China …. ever the cool gentleman and elegant mistress amongst earnest scholars and wayward scoundrels.

But what of the near future, China, in that other contested way out there space place and Live Operational Virtual Environment? Would the following statement be attractively agreeable? It is certainly neither designed nor shared here intentionally to be fractious or contentious.

Our engagement and exploration and exploitation of its other-worldly alien resources will quite naturally render extraordinarily forceful future insights and further novel ingredients for the clear leading advantage that such experience in the progressive delivery of vital modular infrastructure and secure failsafe communicative internetworking supply lines effortlessly provides for invaluable hindsight and almighty reflection and universal comprehension on/into what is much more a Greater IntelAIgent Games Play Arena with ACTive Cyber Threatening Areas, violently destructive and virulently toxic fields reserved and preserved for the capture and suitably just warrior treatment of future undesirables and present barbaric primitives alike.

Q: …. ‘Tis the Great NEUKlearer Futures and HyperRadioProACTive IT Derivatives Market Bet to wager and place your monies and shirts on, deciding on whether you realise it more likely to be predominantly a Stealthy Exotic Erotic Eastern Delight rather than primarily a similarly Wild Wacky Western Confection for a New Enlightening Age of Cohabitating Earthly Civilisations disenfranchising of the self-harming destructive disgrace that invents and funds/pimps, pumps and dumps future warring factions?

A: ….. Yes, indeed. IT very definitely can be and therefore most certainly also is.


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Rapid Revolutionary Progress does neither tolerate nor entertain an Ignorance Vacuum

They also don’t worry too much about the cost either. If it needs funding it gets funded. ….. werdsmith

Something exceptionally well learned/copied/stolen from the competition and opposition’s playbook/workshop manual, werdsmith, wherever that original may now be stored.

And something which whenever one is not smart enough to recognise is simply needed and accepted and to be treated by all assisted parties as just token, practically unnecessary but nevertheless still vital rewards to a leading supply contractor/single prime principal, effectively guarantees the offer of its proprietary intellectual property flight and metadata base information transfer to that easily conceived and perceived to be both the deadly competition and advanced opposition.

Such a simple strategic error of tactical judgement is thus gravely to be regarded and best completely avoided at whatever the cost for the price exacted by failure is astronomical and virtually incalculable.

Do you think UKGBNI fail spectacularly to be a worthy mega star in that field of empowering endeavour? Scrooges in the most vital of market places and thus destined to forever play second fiddle in flea pit orchestrations of master class events?



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