amanfromMars 1 Thu 1 Dec 05:41 [2212010541] ….. reveals further news on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/11/30/ukraine_cloud_migration/

Important note to all …. phishing is endemic in systems in panic and states of terror

Missives, not missiles, destroy clouds and armchair warriors alike, dependent upon the flow/currency of intellectually bankrupt and fiscally indebted, foreign and alien wealth spending for politically incorrect memes/unstable regimes/criminalising cabals.

That is why, and have you noticed, that most established news channels, pimping and pumping and dumping editorial opinions on information and intelligence decided on as worthy of another new day’s presentation/0day introduction, never/no longer provide any immediate very simple means for active proactive or reactive interaction/live customer engagement with the views we are being expected to believe as honestly true and blindly accept and follow.

Such an omission identifies them as affiliated to a dedicated propaganda network pushing out a weak and/or corrupt and/or perverse and/or vulnerable inequitable line unable to be defended whenever attacked with valid questions which would have to be left unanswered/steered around and obviously avoided …… although they get their very best breaking news to support or attack with editorial opinion from customer comments gleaned from those publications and news channel presentations that do so present and register that illuminating live interaction …. and that has them in something of an enigmatic quandary whenever faced and in competition with superior opposition enable to make and take full and fair unfair advantage of that particular and peculiar need and foible to deep see phish leading and seeding foreign and alien interaction.


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