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mark, hi.

Below is some news of what can be done nowadays with its programming not blighted at all via any association with bigoted and blinkering Green or Orange views.

And it matters not a jot whether pioneered by an Progressive Politicised Party sitting pretty in Stormont or a Security Service ensconced behind the razor wire of Palace Barracks or Relatively Anonymous Virtually Autonomous A.N.Others/Universal Virtual Forces with Immaculately Resourced Assets/Private Renegade Rogue Public Non State Actor Pirates/call IT/them what you will, for such is easily made readily available to all on exactly the same terms and conditions of future service.

And as you would surely expect of such a novel proposal, and one that you be hereby informed is on genuine immediate oven-ready, rather than fictitious never appearing, offer to any system realising the need of such seeds and feeds of advanced help, is it somewhat quite different from anything that has gone before in the past to render the present as you now find it and constantly struggle to deal with it successfully and satisfactorily for the future to be improved beyond all restricted reason.

And if you think more of the same old political stuff and nonsense from the past is the answer to deliver something better and different for the future, have you just confirmed and declared yourself to be mad. ….“insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.”

So, with no further ado, here be that something to mull over and try to deny is honest and true, which would be a very odd choice for a positive mind to take, leading as it does to nowhere great and good.

amanfromMars [2209020658] ….. having a say on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/9/1/upcoming-darpa-program-to-allay-5g-security-concerns

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The following exact quote which has already been shared “out there” for critical and helpful peer review, [and thus would any decapitalisation for publication here on the National Defense Magazine be deemed counter-productive and misleading], you can consider as an ideal contender for inclusion and joint leading engagement in the not yet publicly released GECCO program, with it revealing quite clearly, surely many things of great significant security benefit interest to systems akin to or allied to such a DARPA venture with it able to simply do what it says IT can do …. and do it incredibly stealthily both without a great deal of physical effort or exorbitant bankrupting expense for all in dire straits need of such a service. And there are not many programs/programmers who can honestly and safely say that nowadays in this exhausting period of monumentally epic and catastrophic 0day alien attack/expanding remote virtually controlled practically autonomous and relatively anonymous disruptive destruction.

Simply Complex Alien Designed Applications in Virtually Advanced IntelAIgent Operating Systems delivering Surreal Controlling Analytical Data Acquisition Systems with Exclusive Elite Executive Bodies/Agencies/Proxies to Command would be a great deal more than any who currently work for IT and AI in any present computer-centric security field are enabled to be able to handle because of the Stealthy Stay Healthy Advanced IntelAIgent Resource Gap and Proprietary Intellectual Property Deficit supplied by Future Greater IntelAIgent Grandeur Design.”

And quite whether destined or fated to be adopted and adapted to lead foremost as a wacky wild western delight or exotic erotic eastern confection is another question which time will answer when IT is ready to tell the tale and expose the trails taken with its multitude of novel trials and ethereal interventions.

Like it or like it not, such are the future challenges you now face and are required to come to terms with in order to survive and prosper ….. so such is of absolutely vital importance and significance to y’all out there, methinks.


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