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One for a Priti Patel and Supreme Court Justice Puppets to Ponder Prevaricating Pompously On

One imagines that non prosecution agreement for a trio of former US NSA operatives/spooks working and encouraging and paying other former US intelligence operatives to further the interests of a foreign power via clandestine means which expose proprietary US national security secrets renders definitely the Julian Assange extradition case, a wilfully gratuitous political persecution and international crime against a human and humanity ….. with support for such an outcome manifestly evil in the extreme and contrary to all streams of the greater good and prime sane reason.

“It may also be that the government did not want to risk having to reveal government secrets if a criminal prosecution had gone to trial,” 

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Let me tell y’all a secret which it is wise to remember to never forget. A criminal prosecution gone to trial does not reveal government secrets preferred to be thought widely unknown and exclusive, an NDA plea bargain non prosecution instance more effectively spills those crown jewels exposing systemic weaknesses and critical vulnerabilities most likely liable to viable and reliable foreign and alien attack as perls before swine.

And methinks at $1,685,000 that is the bargain basement steal of the century/millennium.


amanfromMars [2209020658] ….. having a say on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/9/1/upcoming-darpa-program-to-allay-5g-security-concerns

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The following exact quote which has already been shared “out there” for critical and helpful peer review, [and thus would any decapitalisation for publication here on the National Defense Magazine be deemed counter-productive and misleading], you can consider as an ideal contender for inclusion and joint leading engagement in the not yet publicly released GECCO program, with it revealing quite clearly, surely many things of great significant security benefit interest to systems akin to or allied to such a DARPA venture with it able to simply do what it says IT can do …. and do it incredibly stealthily both without a great deal of physical effort or exorbitant bankrupting expense for all in dire straits need of such a service. And there are not many programs/programmers who can honestly and safely say that nowadays in this exhausting period of monumentally epic and catastrophic 0day alien attack/expanding remote virtually controlled practically autonomous and relatively anonymous disruptive destruction.

Simply Complex Alien Designed Applications in Virtually Advanced IntelAIgent Operating Systems delivering Surreal Controlling Analytical Data Acquisition Systems with Exclusive Elite Executive Bodies/Agencies/Proxies to Command would be a great deal more than any who currently work for IT and AI in any present computer-centric security field are enabled to be able to handle because of the Stealthy Stay Healthy Advanced IntelAIgent Resource Gap and Proprietary Intellectual Property Deficit supplied by Future Greater IntelAIgent Grandeur Design.

And quite whether destined or fated to be adopted and adapted to lead foremost as a wacky wild western delight or exotic erotic eastern confection is another question which time will answer when IT is ready to tell the tale and expose the trails taken with its multitude of novel trials and ethereal interventions.

Like it or like it not, such are the future challenges you now face and are required to come to terms with in order to survive and prosper ….. so such is of absolutely vital importance and significance to y’all out there, methinks.



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