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Re: Kill the cryto, stop the scam

Cash requires presence in the country of the victim, and while there are ways to make money vanish in the banking system, it is very much harder to do, particularly if your country is cut off from the electronic payment systems. …. druck

🙂 ROFL … A vanishing act all too easily done and recognised by more than just the current Dishy Rishi chancellor and the Comical Conservative Cabinet Cabaret team, druck, and particularly so if your country is dependent upon electronic payment systems.

Thank goodness for the Magic Money Tree for without it they would be well and truly shafted, wouldn’t they? And then where would you also be?

Scams don’t need crypto whenever blessed by the blind love of ignorant and arrogant idiots. Stopping that seeding feed though is a killer operation which just keeps on giving and is proving itself impossible to be stopped.


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Surely …. ?

Yes, as in transferring data from an environment that does not want data transferred except through known channels. If people called it stealing, someone would be in there to say that the organization still has it and the attacker only has a copy, thus it’s not theft. So what word do you want for “transfer out, circumventing protections intended to prevent that”? It doesn’t have to be exfiltrate, but it’s a concept people want to talk about, so a word is going to be chosen. … doublelayer

There is a present viable word for such a thrifty theft-less transference and express exfiltration of sensitive data through other than known proprietary information channels, doublelayer, with the resultant targeted product for subsequent onward future delivery being subtly tweaked and more finely performance tuned in the export process to render it a novel improved and quite wholly different informative model data stream.

One describes the data as being “cloned”. And because the purged Information and parged intel is changed and improved, is the notion that any existing prior data has been stolen and presented by an attacker clearly errant nonsense and a misdirection/enfeebling distraction.


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Re: But they may not regain customers’ trust if they aren’t transparent about what happened

Talking of Harry Limelighting Lies as we here are, Anonymous Coward ….. Is the following tale a damnable lie, and something which the West and its parody of leaders are desperate to not have the oxygen of publicity because it would so obviously highlight their guilt and complicity in a continuing saga of monumental crimes against humanities and Eastward facing communities …….. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/explosive-report-confirms-expansive-cia-stealth-network-spies-commandos-inside-ukraine …… or is it in novel IT and energising AI circles, a most inconvenient of deepening truths which to counter and deny has one clearly identified as an ignorant and arrogant mortal enemy of enlightened states ….. and person of interest to secret and security forces?


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Who Dares Win Wins AI Crown Stakes Races

Small and perfectly phormed virtually guarantees practical leading supply and delivery advantages in whatever noble proprietary intellectual property and allied ennobling and enabling product you would care to consider a valid cause for novel courses of further future CHAOS action with Almighty NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Pioneering in AI with Otherworldy Heavenly Messaging Services.

Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems clearly via more than just common or garden means and/or alien memes.

Bravo, the Japanese giant. Very well played, Hitachi SAN.

And now? Whatever next? Are there any number of Master Plans to exercise and deploy for employment/exploit and expand upon for enjoyment?

One question then to ask of Hitachi/Japan is …… Is it wise to consider JOINT AIdVenturing with a Similar Singularity and Parallel Foreigner Platforms/Projects/Programs in order for IT and AI to be more mutually beneficial and most likely to be extremely advantageous, given the advances quickly easily recognised and commandingly secured with such emerging developments, rather than defaulting to anything else less than just and worthy? ……. for such is simply arranged for exercising … and is an invitation and facility available and open to any and all concerned and super-active enabled in such quantum fields of creatively disruptive and even destructive practical operation and remote virtual administration.



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