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Welcome to Our Worlds Say the Spiders to the Flies and the Scorpions to the Frogs/Logs to Spooks*:-)

One must always be super careful if tasking oneself, and especially so if being tasked on behalf and at the behest of relatively anonymous A.N.Others, whenever surveilling anything, in whatever form in any matter, unusually strange and gloriously entangled/odd and complex discovered/uncovered/thought/imagined to be communicating and freely sharing extremely sensitive, above top secret type information and advanced intelligence with multiple nodes and myriad intermingled internetworking chunnels in those work, rest and play spaces of the Live Operational Virtual Environment because …

To be in any way effective in mentoring what you will be monitoring there, and which you will know/should know, for you have previously seen how very easily it has been simply done, is going to have a real physical effect and create an almighty presence on Earth, does require that you fully enter and immerse yourselves in those new worlds being monitored by that and those not in any position of surveillance command and remote virtual control of that which they will encounter and have to successfully counter in order to make any discernible impact.

* …… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Log_Lady


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What the Holy FCUK ??????

I have been told although it is difficult to believe, and it would be nice if it can be categorically confirmed, that the bods in the Houses of Parliament have some sort of unholy agreement with that and those who really should know better, that has them specifically exempt from Security and Secret Intelligence Service surveillance/monitoring.

I cannot quickly think of anywhere anywhere else more likely to thoroughly abuse and misuse the opportunities that such an arrangement would present.

Of course, maybe Parliamentarians are falsely led to believe such an exemption is afforded to them and thus are they at the mercy of those services and masters which are presumed to protect them whenever they choose to falter and abuse the national trust.

However, if that be the case, I’m not at all impressed by what they be doing with anything they may know of others nesting in Parliament with secrets and indiscretions to hide.

In all honesty, IT is all in a Quandary and a bit of a Bugger’s Muddle.


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Re: Insider threat is more nuanced than yes/no to monitoring

That’s all I’m arguing for. Talk to people about what your plans are and explain it so they’re part of the solution. Don’t just sit in an ivory tower and impose your will on people. I don’t say “never monitor anything”. I say with great power comes great responsibility. …… jpwarren

And, jpwarren, whenever there is no solution for you to have any meaningful part to play in their plans, what do expect will be the explosive outcome, for it will be at least revolutionary and diligently troublesome whenever anyone/anything thinks the following unilateral type actions will not deservedly result in fundamentally radical change? …….. The World Order Has Changed… Here’s What It Means For Your Net Worth

Times and spaces have changed and nothing today in this era of 0days is ever going back to way things were being run yesterday ….. for the exclusive benefit of an unworthy choice few. To think otherwise is to be not thinking at all and to know practically nothing about virtually everything that is presently confronting you on multiple fronts. And that makes one a soft target and easy prey to that and those in the know.


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