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Re: Doing my bit for the little guy(gal)

Corroborating evidence/an other third party hyperlink or two which would support, and in so doing confirm your Tennessee jail for the homeless tale, would be more than just helpful, AC.

Does such exist if one surfs provisional and proprietary/public and private search engines for available necessary information …… for without it is one outed as something akin to a prime deluded fool or search engines are exposed as basically biased and easily subverted for utilisation as a perverse political tool …. a politically incorrect corrupt abomination ‽ .

Considering where IT would/could be leading …..

If this expands then we’ll see the return of the workhouse aka Prison for large parts of the population that would naturally be disqualified from ever voting again. That’s one way to get to the totalitarian state that the GQP want for ‘merika.
I’m sure that it won’t be long before some on the far, far-right start proposing this sort of solution. Just remember what happened in the 1930’s in Germany… That’s where the USA is heading and where they lead, we inevitably follow. ….. Anonymous Coward

…… it is no small thing, and certainly something everyone should always be practically insisting upon about virtually everything. Question More allows one to know anything and everything or conversely, all that someone/something else has decided you are not going to so easily learn and uncover/discover.


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The perennial problem for extermination/final solution ‽ .

Has a crime ever been invented that police didn’t claim they could eliminate if they just had more money? ….. Barry Rueger

Do the police and/or the justice system continue to invent more crimes to support and justify their existence and the ever increasing flow of public monies to reward and sustain them in the same way as the military and the military industrial complex requires the war machine to have costly destructive conflicts and proxy war opportunities to offload their aged and accumulating weapons systems which are not normally needed and are too expensive to be readily sold/exported and solely purchased by others to simply retain and maintain ….. and thus kick start a stagnating and bankrupting industry in need of future conflicts and wars to survive and prosper and load traumatised foreigners with ages of allied crippling debt ……. or is that all down to the wiles and whims of a chosen few, anonymous and otherwise?


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The slippery slope to nowhere good or great or worthwhile going ……

Once a system needs to depend upon the truth and/or contrary opinions being hidden deemed a dangerous secret and veiled threat to national security to not be freely shared but censored or monitored and mentored, is that system in inevitable increasingly rapid freefall terminal decline.

Here is a worrying extremely current tale of such a harbinger which you know to be true ……. Panicked CNN Guest Wonders “How We’re Going To Control The Channels Of Communications In This Country”


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Re: A much bigger problem for surveillance and more than just bullying

Until all the jobs he “completed” started coming back for further work. Turns out he wasn’t completing them at all, he was just closing them and moving them on. The team was marked on how many jobs were closed, there was no metric for the quality or type of work done. Even after it came to light he wasn’t pulled up on it, because after all he was closing a lot of jobs. …. My-Handle

Parliament and sitting Cabinet Office government is filled to overflowing with such shysters, My-Handle.

And now that is coming around to election time again, they’re promising to deliver the stars and have everyone feeling hunky dory again ….. yet again …… for the umpteenth time.

It’s quite amazing that their election manifestos are not presented in court as evidence of wilful fraud and collegiate malpractice endangering national security ….. which itself also gravely reflects very badly on the level of intelligence in the Law and Security and Secret Intelligence Services which appear to take their lead and instructions from them.

How crazy is that? Lunatics in charge of the asylum and spreading bedlam. Tell us it is not true and we can agree to disagree.


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