amanfromMars [2202060907] ……. airing a view on https://www.rt.com/russia/548436-nyt-ukraine-invasion-report/

Whenever media, be it mainstream or alternative, does not share the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, will they always be a rich juicy target for those who value and can easily monetise its worth, and which crushes opposition and competition supporting half truths, and is able to crash markets relying upon such terrible news reporting as an acceptable status quo arrangement and facility with utilities used, abused and misused to not reveal right dodgy shenanigans.

Such a state of national, international and internetional affairs is only natural and fully to be expected always, anywhere …… and more often too than ever was possible of late.

Is it a true fact, which is not an alien fiction, that Words Create, Command and Control and Destroy Worlds? If so, use them wisely, and especially so whenever sharing them widely/globally/universally.

And as much as many such things may remain the same, is everything completely different nowadays, and gravely to be regarded, and especially so by that and those in those closed executive circles formerly thinking themselves to be right royally immune from persecution and prosecution …. and the attentions of an enraged and vengeful, more fully informed and smarter educated mob.

The existing status quo warmongering elite which has forever thought that they have, and will always have absolute exclusive command and control of such a facility is now terrorised and terrified to realise that very particular and peculiar facility is available to A.N.Others to personally target for justifiable sanction and retribution those directly responsible for aiding and abetting fake news and war machine mongers from the comfort of their armchairs in the shade of the shadows from which they mentor and monitor their media puppets and politically incorrect muppets.

Take care out there. IT’s a jungle which doesn’t take prisoners nor suffers the workings of fools.

Crikey, that sounds too very much like a New More Orderly World Order Pronouncement to be mistaken for anything less or anything else worse. 🙂 …… but the truth is what it is, and it always escapes into the wild where it reigns sublime and supreme.


amanfromMars [2202061227] ….. replying to smike e who said on https://www.rt.com/russia/548436-nyt-ukraine-invasion-report/

Effectively, MSM has become a kind of demonic war-mongering machine for disseminating false-flag information for arms investing/manufacturing companies and governments to ultimately kill innocent civilians without regard and with impunity, and for destroying the lives and reputations of those public figures who speak against it, such as J. Corbyn and others.
Hope; that faintly shimmering beacon within this void of darkness, lays with the tenuous existence of non-mainstream news outlets like RT and a few other online news outlets eg. The Canary, which ultimately depend on quality news coverage and therein users support: irrespective of any ‘state-backing’.
RT, viva!!

Amen to that enlightened sentiment, smike e., which just might save MSM and cohorts from the attention of forces and sources they would really have no wish to cross, whether through their crass ignorance or faking incredible arrogant smarts.


amanfromMars [2202060921] …… asking a simple question on https://www.rt.com/news/548458-north-korea-un-report-stealing/

Details of the alleged cyberattacks are contained in papers submitted to the UN Security Council on Friday from whom, is a/the pertinent leading question left unanswered. Is the answer a secret the world is not allowed to know? Who decides/decided that ?



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