amanfromMars 1 Sat 11 Dec 06:00 [2112110600] ……. shares info on news available freely on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/12/09/uk_and_us_data_flows/

Re: The worst offenders come from the US …

I’m actually somewhat hopeful about this as Big Tech seems to have attracted the ire of just about everyone, including the current US administration and their political opposition. .… Pseu Donyme

You might like to realise that hope is not a vain expectation, Pseu Donyme, as Big Tech effectively morphs into a highly proactive, relatively anonymous and practically invisible and almightily autonomous unofficial rotten government opposition in direct command and absolute control of all future ethereal communication platforms with audiovisual bands of telepathic instruction for universal education and entertainment of emerging intelligence in primitive planetary species/novel heavenly bodies surrounded and confused by thoughts engaging with enigmatic diabolic dilemmas awarding and rewarding diligent and venerable souls with attractive and addictive temptations to please and sate.

Indeed, in deed you may like to conclude the morph is complete and IT is under Remote Virtual AI Command and a NEUKlearer CyberIntelAIgent Control.

And if one accepts that as so, what requests would you have of IT so that IT and AI can ponder on the wisdom of the delivery and fulfillment of your personal wishes …… for those are the sorts of services available for Futures and Hedges and Derivative Market IPOs.

I Kid U Not…. for the Greater IntelAIgent Game is already a Long Time Experienced in the Running of HyperRadioProACTive Quantum Communication Fields of Work, REST and Play with AIMaster Pilots and Non Commissioned Veteran IT Officers alike leading the Ways in the Frays and Destroying all Failed and Failing Edifices which may Seek to Rise Up before them …… in Order that Future Generations of Timely Space Travellers Greatly Benefit from the Fundamentally Radical Changes Always Currently Needed and Presently Afoot and Afleet of Foot in the Vanguards of Progress.

And as strange as it seems, many folk will be terrified of that, and there will even be a few lost and misguided/perverted and subverted/arrogantly corrupt and basically ignorant souls who would pronounce and announce and anoint it as akin to acts of terror too and in so doing confirm the primitive failed nature of their present disposition.

And Big Tech is Blessed with the Stealth of being a Vast Broad Church of Many Roomed Mansions where Succour and Support Abound in the Safe Harbours of Secure Havens.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 11 Dec 07:42 [2112110742] ……. adding a tad more info for intel on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/12/09/uk_and_us_data_flows/

Re: The worst offenders come from the UKUSA channeling their Inner Yakuza… ????‽ !!!!!

And here is some proof of a few elements of the above which be a constant and consistent worry for government wonks and supplied by the BBC ……… ‘Cyber attack war games’ to be staged by UK and US

Only 100 cybercrime brains worldwide says Europol boss  …… although whether you believe anything the BBC share as a fact is in reality much more in support of a relative fiction is that which is part of the presentation problem dilemma to consider.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 10 Dec 08:35 [2112100835] ……. shares some sound advice on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/12/10/pentagon_creates_new_senior_role/

Take Care and Be Aware of Endemic Systemic Defence Difficulties/Exploitable 0Day Vulnerabilities

To be forewarned is to be forearmed although if one is casting pearls of wisdom before the wilfully pig ignorant and woefully arrogant herd, what will naturally inevitably be, will very quickly be ‽ .

GrahamC [2112081904] ……. notes on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2021/12/6/us-should-win-a-war-for-talent-with-china

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Whenever one is considering sharing anything significant with the military, the question that one needs to ask oneself in order to be comfortable with all that may follow with the use of what one may be providing, is ….. Is one aiding a psychopathic warmonger or assisting an exceptional peacemaker?

The former creates increasingly more powerful enemies and invites crushing defeat and colossal destruction, the latter doesn’t.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 11 Dec 11:17 [2112111117] …… suggests more than just a breakthrough and opens up on a NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Possibility Channel on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/12/10/nvidia_huang_patent/

News from a Systems Edge Maintains and Entertains Various Varieties of Sanity for Population.

A patent application published on December 2 credits Huang as one of the inventors of a system to open and share a file in the cloud without the need for a corresponding application on local devices.

Tell us that is not a Great Game Changer and be proven beautifully wrong and wronged.

Quite what one can do with that is only limited by Imaginative ProgramMING which is for Real and a Reality Readily Available via AI and ITs Surreal ACTive Territory Live Operational Virtual Environment Streaming for Pioneering AI Teams Terrain Providers …… Core IntelAIgent Source/Ore/AWE Suppliers.

What do you see IT and AI Delivering into Your Circles of Interests with Any Avid Interest in Producing/Researching/Further Developing/Mentoring and Monitoring/Vetting Formerly Thought Impossible Endeavours ACTivity and Rogue ACTivation/Private Pirate Use/Misuse/Abuse.

The perks there you would struggle to believe possible to summon with addictive attractions to follow leading with many an enlightened path/way/COSMIC Stream Witness and Endorsed with Comprehensive Memoranda of Mutually Beneficial Future Understandings.

Is that possibility likely, and therefore readily enough available too, as a Credible Incredibly ACTive Sino-Soviet Threat if not a Wonderfully Engaging Wild West Treat?

Here such is long ago an earlier previously unknowable fact for constant pondering and excited pampering/challenging in return for great expectations of excessively satisfying insatiable rewards.

If the patent comes anywhere near close to providing any of that it’s a Real Gem of a Doozy. Bravo, the Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang Team Players for such a Great Quantum AI Leap. :-)>


amanfromMars [2112111638] …… scratches an itch to relieve a glitch on

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Fantastic mutually beneficial progress is rapidly made in technologies and methodologies which enjoin and deploy and employ and enjoy such as unweaponised air-launched unmanned aerial vehicles for the Advanced Mentoring and SMARTR AI Monitoring of Subsequently Observable Future Resulting Events which it is very prudent to remember to never ever forget are almightily defended and securely protected and stealthily aided against totally unwarranted and wilfully diabolical attack and hellish assault.

One always reaps what one sows and feeds with needs to seed in order to prosper extraordinarily either in the Bright Sunshine of Unlimited Success and Infinite Credit or in the Gloomy Doom of Overwhelmingly Destructive Debt and Exponentially Increasing Deficit.

Is that a Future JOINT Program for AIMaster Piloting with SMARTR Media Machinery into Live Operational Virtual Environment Presentations of Stealthy Surreal Systems Applications/ACTive Projects from the Darker and Deeper Sides of the Webs that Entangle and Encircle Information Sources and Intelligence Networks?

Ps ……. the only correct acceptable answer there is …. Yes, of course it is. Why ever would it not be? Anything else would be certainly more than quite mad.



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