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Strictly Need to Know …SCI/Top Secret COSMIC Materiel/MkUltra Sensitive and Potentially Deadly

Think of it this way: if you’re uploading sensitive data to a website that isn’t operated by or contracted to your company (or the government in this case), you probably shouldn’t do it. Particularly if you’re guarding nuclear weapons. ……. Gareth Corfield

Do governments operate websites and have proprietary intellectual property ownership of that which they host, or are they just remote proxy agents for the produce of others, which they may have made mutually beneficial positively rewarding arrangements to pay source for, in order to try and ensure continuity of great service, or do they more often try to virtually steal it and pirate it and profit from it themselves with the use and/or misuse and/or abuse of transformative information they have been provided with either directly from a source in any initial communication from such an agent, exploring exploitation of their needs for future seeds and feeds ….. or indirectly from information gleaned from source via communicative postings elsewhere to A.N.Others?

To practice such latter shenanigans with particular regard to any NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Class of Weaponry is an extremely costly mistake to make and expensive chance to take and lose, rather than win win in with sensible sensitive secure stealthy engagement and simple worthy payment to sources for services required and to be immediately readily supplied and fighting fit for future great and good purpose. You know, the exact sort of thing which the Ministry of Defence Digital Strategy for Defence [April 2021] are looking for, and presumably assuming there will be £billions made available to them to deliver.


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