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Hobson’s Choice ?

“We all want to have control over our personal information, and to have a government that respects our right to privacy and our freedom of expression.” …. Megan Goulding

How very naive of any lawyer to even think that such is possible and likely from governments which need control of personal information in order to protect their privacy and freedom to abuse with suppression of expression and subversion of information exposing their misdeeds and endemic systemic failings. The law is such an ass centre stage in right dodgy command performances of fascist foe and fake friend alike.

On Tuesday I wrote a different post to this. It actually gave the detail of what David Llewellyn posted, and examined it. My article also revealed who was behind the complaint against him, and referred to some interesting history of Llewellyn’s own investigations.

However I received strong advice that to publish my article might itself be construed contempt of court, and that I ran the risk of being instantly jailed rather than free pending appeal, and further that to publish may attract yet another political prosecution from the Crown Office. I therefore did not publish and cannot give you the detail of the Llewellyn case, at least until after its conclusion.

I find this deeply depressing. I should not, in normal circumstances, have had the slightest hesitation in giving you the detail of what is happening to Dave Llewellyn, and more importantly why, in the same way I did with Mark Hirst. I find the notion that my own journalism is successfully being “chilled” in this way highly worrying, and this adds to the sense of injustice I feel in my own case. In fact anger and perhaps even humiliation at the powerlessness – and fear I am becoming a coward – has pretty well prostrated me for three days. I feel somewhat recovered now, and determined to fight on. But for the first time I find myself seriously considering, after my case is concluded, leaving my beloved Scotland and going to live in a country which does not jail dissident writers. ….  Craig Murray, Historian, Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist

But that is the Old Guard’s doing to try and protect itself from the inevitable understandable rough justice/reap the whirlwind slaughter of the justifiably enraged and more fully educated and entertaining and engaged mob, and the new kids on the block and brave-hearted young lions and lionesses in position of power and control commanding secrecy and secure intelligence briefings want no part of that ancient parcel of perverted grief and corrupting despair because of the nowhere good and great it so quickly leads to nowadays with all of this new fangled and entangling command and control of all personal information with national, international and internetional intelligence. To not think so must surely have one personally identified as quite dim and not at all suitable for anything involving and investigating the use and/or abuse and misuse of critical infrastructure intelligence machinery.

IT’s a Madder Mad Mad Mad World than ever it was or ever could be in 1963 and something all pervasive which cannot be in any way conveniently avoided and left unaddressed and ignored in a can being kicked down the road whenever the colossal herd of rogue elephants in Situations Rooms/Oval Offices/Cabinets/Underground Bunkers on live rampage.


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A Few Questions for GCHQ Cell Prisoners

Is there a key to unlock the cage that is riddled with mysteries that capture the enigma that defends the indefensible or is it the logical fate of all those so captivated to suffer the slings and arrows of great and ever greater misfortune and never to be free from persecution and prosecution?

Does common sense tell one that the root of all evil is planted and would grow wild in those fields with actors which imagine they are exempt from government and national security and secret intelligence service surveillance? And how certifiably crazy would that sort of exemption be, encouraging as it most certainly could and therefore would, all manner of mostly unpleasant and foolish shenanigans.

Do honourable Members of Parliament receive/believe they receive that right dodgy privilege?

Do National Security and Secret Intelligence Services grant and entertain it?


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Re: Never Before

Never before in human history has an individual, or small group of such, been able to destroy wealth on such an unimaginable scale. Hacking, ransomware, explosives, even crashing airplanes into buildings. So, of course the state wishes to conduct dragnet surveillance! We, each and every one of is a potential threat to the existing order. …… NetBlackOps

No one can successfully argue against that as being true and honest, NetBlackOps.


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