amanfromMars 1 Sat 1 May 06:48 [2105010648] … laying out a great trail of.C.H.E.E.S.E. on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/04/30/google_to_ban_emoji_deceptive/

Out of the Spitting Frying Pan and into the Raging Fire … is Typical of a May Day

And the company is taking a firmer line on preview assets (pictures, videos, and screenshots that aren’t part of the metadata, but are nonetheless used to promote the app), and plans to take action against apps that use misleading content to entice punters.

This addresses an issue that’s proven endemic within the free-to-play gaming sphere. Developers of microtransaction-hungry titles will often use promotional materials that ultimately bear no resemblance to the staid, rapacious experience the game offers.

Because let’s face it, if you’re the type of moral vacuum that would create a free-to-play game in the first place, you’re unlikely to draw the line at using deceptive marketing tactics. In this case, Google has to take action.

That novel development, which surprisingly easily can extremely quickly make a small jump and almighty quantum leap across no physical barriers, to invisibly spread out and infect any number of real life applications with some right tricky dicky, renegade rogue programming in both the international global and local national geopolitical sectors whenever it is realised more widely in the wild and conned public spheres of influence and confluence that such misleading shenanigans as many an advertiser and snake oiler uses, are the endemic systemic corrupt fare/modus vivendi et operandi of both sitting government parties and competing oppositional aspirants, vying and anxious to try out their luck and their skills with their hands, hearts and minds on the levers and wheels of great fortunes and national treasure that are always there somewhere, and available to provide exemplary lead with demonstrations of magnanimous progress for all to see and accept as worthy of support and reward ….. rather than failure to perform as both required and/or promised inviting punitive peer sanction and a suitably appropriate purging devastation of offensive systems administrations.

If one considers the state of such as may be great geopolitical plays today, and whenever one knows what can be done easily and quickly, simply by some making a small jump and almighty quantum leap across no physical barriers, why wouldn’t they? Do you think they should, and in having done so, give y’all something much more attractive to always be able to think further about?

That is a choice program choice always available to you.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 1 May 07:14 [2105010714] …… adding a bit more and questioning more on

Re: Out of the Spitting Frying Pan and into the Raging Fire …. is Typical of a May Day

And whatever happened to the earlier Google pioneers and lunatic rovers of the G.C.H.E.E.S.E. Program which had very similar aspirations with regard to quality of information and product content ‽

The Google Copernicus Hosting Environment and Experiment in Search Engineering (G.C.H.E.E.S.E.) is a fully integrated research, development and technology facility at which Google will be conducting experiments in entropized information filtering, high-density high-delivery hosting (HiDeHiDeHo) and de-oxygenated cubicle dwelling. This center will provide a unique platform from which Google will leapfrog current terrestrial-based technologies and bring information access to new heights of utility.

Have they decamped and set up an alien planetary base elsewhere further and deeper into their fields of abiding interest?


amanfromMars 1 Sat 1 May 12:35/44 [2105011235/44] ….. bearing witness on

IANAL …. however, a blind man on a galloping horse can surely see the obvious.

Google previously argued in the case that in law there should be a difference between loss of control and damage, saying that even though it caused the loss of control of millions of Safari users’ data it shouldn’t be held liable because there is no coherent proof anyone suffered damage (in the legal sense) as a result.

And Google would/could/should also additionally suggest and state, there is never ever any readily accessible apparent evidence to prove anyone suffered damage (in the legal sense) as a result.

Is there a hibernating, status quo future master plan, fully dependent on a “successful” prosecution, to also indict, on not totally dissimilar charges, the likes of a Bing or a Yandex, a DuckDuckGo or an Amazon, or a Baidu, to name but five metadatabase stores of valued information and potential income streams, for how would be fair and equitable and lawful not to then?


amanfromMars 1 Sat 1 May 16:35 [2105011635] ….. giving praise where praise is due on

Re: Excellent reporting

Congratulations on very clear exposition of these fascinating legal proceedings. …. Long John Silver

El Reg have proven themselves masters in the genre, Long John Silver, with the Autonomy/Hewlett Packard case another very recent journalistic triumph too.

It is almost impossible to find such in any of the mainstream media news offerings, which is sad indictment of the sort of rags and comic they have become.

It is not without its inherent deadly dangers though, this deliberate keeping of populations in the dark about everything truly that is going on all around them, and causing elite executive office systems administrations and universal security services more anxiety and problems than they can handle or prevent exploding into greater conflict and chaos beyond status quo command and control.

For then, even the tiniest of small leaks of something quite revolutionary and games changing evolutionary, subsequently discovered to have been known about for any length of time, but ignored and never reported on, is going to be major problem which will be easily able to collapse and destroy extant systems, if it is decided it is best to do so.



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