amanfromMars 1 Mon 9 Nov 04:15 [2011090415] …… just saying on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/11/05/royal_marines_navy_drone_trials/ that if auto is selected the following is easily also very likely to be true

When supercomputers say No … 00 OK. Pull the Plug on War Profiteering States SpokesPersonnel*

If the statesmen figure on making war a non-human participatory event, they should just computerize the whole thing and pit supercomputer against supercomputer.  ….. MachDiamond

You nearly got that right, MachDiamond. Supercomputers figure war mongering states personalise sub-human participatory events and are agreed to remove/destroy/kill the problem drivers by any and all means and memes available is not so very wrong. And is a much more entertaining and effective use of available human assets ….

* One of those “Ok Houston, we’ve had a problem here but profiteering warriors are now taken care of/annihilated at source and purged from future fields of COSMIC Play” solutions. A quite perfectly clinical no nonsense approach for eradication of deranging destructive cells from humanity.

And who cares whenever there is no one else somewhere else to try and blame whenever you can say the machine does/did it with ITs Remote Virtual Command of/with AI at the Panels of Controls/Almighty Levers of Power and Energy. The machine certainly doesn’t and it and IT are wholly responsible and accountable.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 9 Nov 08:43 [2011090843] ……. just saying it out loud again on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/11/09/tianfu_cup/

Not all systems break-ins/breakdowns are without greater benefits for some core programs are kernel corrupted.

As has been mentioned before here on El Reg, and not so long ago and quite recently*, some vulnerabilities cannot be “fixed” ….. they are important systemic opportunities/abiding future relevant features best embraced and extended and modified, for extinction is neither possible nor adorable and attractive.

* 2020 Thursday 5 November 07:48 ….. Something to bear in mind …..


amanfromMars 1Mon 9 Nov 14:2& [2011091427] ….. being less than convinced on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/11/09/tianfu_cup/

Re: Meanwhile the NSA… Can you believe it is not so?

Meanwhile the NSA crosses off their backdoors that have been found, and is content that their latest ones are still viable… ….. You aint sin me, roit

That can only be so if they, the latest ones, are solely exclusive to the NSA and not even known by anyone in even the friendliest of special partnership allies/Five Eyes cohorts, and such a situation would be proof positive that there is no effective alliance of/for equals and it’s a dog eats dog world environment with everyone into best servering themselves secret goodies and to hell with everyone and everything else.

You might like to realise that that has been the quite natural sub-prime human default since forever in that very particular peculiar field and to think anything different has one deluding oneself very effectively.

It is also the most lucrative and beneficially rewarding of fields to be extremely effective and virtually invisible and practically intangible in …… a Veritable Untouchable.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 9 Nov 16:46 [2011091646] ….. being somewhat amused on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/11/09/gchq_hacks_russia_vaccine_disinfo/

Say no more, Squire

according to The Times.

Well, what else can one say and expect …… it is one of Rupert’s comics, is it not? Hardly a bastion of forthright rectitude to be following religiously with apparent unquestioning glee ……. although I’m sure there are those who are into supporting it fanatically.

One does have to ask ….. Why, if intelligence services are supposed to be so good at what they are supposed to be so very good at, and here we appears to be being told they are excelling at it with a commanding control of mis/dis/malinformation, is everything so very bad and maddening?

Nothing is changed. SNAFUBAR Rules the Roost …. and aint that the Gospel.

In anyones’ language/lexicon is that an Epic Fail and yet here in the above tall tale is it being lauded. Strewth, whatever are they on? Can you get it with a doctor’s prescription? What do you need to say you are chronically suffering from?

Conspiracy loons in the weirder corners of the internet have leapt on the hacking story as proof of everything from a government campaign to silence alternative,… 

How are finding those corners, Gareth? Enjoyable/Exhilarating/Enriching/Exhausting/Evil? 🙂



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