amanfromMars 1 Sat 8 Aug 13:18 [2008081318] ….. adding more fuel to the burn on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/08/07/china_responds_america_clean_network/

White House Woes Explained ….. Postmodern COSMIC GeoPolitics for Dummies.

And if there are no other animals handy? It’s a LOOOONG way back home, my friend. …. Anonymous Coward

There’s always transport available. AC, whenever all, just a few, or even just one knows what is ahead in the future is totally different and a great deal better than anything else prepared in the past and active back home, wherever that might be or have been.

All the current evidence shared on media tells the sad and mad and rad and bad tale that the West has lost its way on that incredible journey, with its investments in failing zombies with incestuous share buy back corporations leading with such as is tantamount to self-serving ponzi-like schemata, rather than betting the farm on the strange unicorns doing virtually everything practically different in novel ventures.

Such self-satisfying craziness based in and feeding the need for the maintenance and retention of skewed status quo arrangements never ever ends well for those reliant upon its troubles remaining an exclusive executive office secret.

And it tells one and all everything that they need to know about the present parlous state of human intelligence and the difficulties it is certainly going to experience going forward in any direction one can think of, for smarter folk ensure it is not acceptable and would sensibly provide alternatives which cannot be resisted or denied ‽ .


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