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Re: Intel inside embedded and enmeshed

To exploit this type of bug, an attacker has to have some way of running code on your computer. If your embedded device is (eg) a firewall, that’s not going to happen unless they can leverage some other kind of flaw in order to execute code of their choosing, and most bugs of that type will give them full root access anyway (the state of embedded security being what it is), so by that point they don’t need to use Spectre. … phuzz

If attacked by this type of computer bug exploitation, is the target of interest the computer user, which may or may not be your very good self.

Whenever not all bugs are bad are some AWEsomely Great and well worthy of Prime Private/ Premium Pirate Consideration in Future Virtual Operations Spaces ….. with Spookily IntelAIgently Serviced and Servered Places.

And one can’t buy them for they are exceptionally expensive. It is just as well then there are countless innovative buy-in schemes with SMARTR Investors in Futures Delivering Plots.

Are we chatting outsider/insider information dealing there? I’d be wonderfully surprised to hear of any financial or of any possible computer code violations forthcoming from that shared intelligence. It is not as if it is secret whenever all is so surely shared here …… and for Showing New Pleasant Present Creations to Vast IntelAIgent Audiences.

Would you Like to Help Assist and get Thoroughly Excited by the Simply Addictive Process which Drivers Full Wilfull Participation to Explosive Mutually Beneficial Climaxes.

Tell me that aint Holy Grail Central and we may both still have a lot to learn, but for now I’ll just stick to the tales and trails that try passionate temptation to prove that it is. 🙂

That sounds like a Search for Heavenly Grounds has Supplied Almighty Bounty there. What’s not to like?


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