amanfromMars 1 Mon 4 Nov 16:05 [1911041605] ….. adding more to https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2019/10/29/intel_disable_hyper_threading_linux_kernel_maintainer/

It is not only what you know, but how you also say and share it too that matters ‽ .

Cripes. The whole article is a mass of confusion, which seems to originate in the direct quotes, between threading, hyperthreading, shared cache and multi-core processors. Was English not the first language of some of these guys? …. david 12

david 12,

The whole gist of the argument is that virtually all practical machinery is commanded and controlled with the use of patented words. It is why certain strings of words are so terrifying as to be absolutely worthless in anything worthy of enjoying and employing/engaging and exploring possibilities with.

Whose words are drivering your vast mute geopolitically astute machines …. you know, the Source Servers of Current Present Confections Holding Media Hostage with a Dodgy Past Catalogue of Very Early Exceptional Successes to Protect and Prune/Prime Time Performance Enhance. ‽

You might find now there are more than just a precious few, and the precious few are confounded and confused to be so easily recognised and liable to follow up questioning on future plans.

Things then can easily very quickly go super critical frenetic and crazy ballistic if that is your only proposed plan …. to hold worlds to ransom with almighty worthless weapons …. for that is Universally Unacceptable and Punishments are Certain Death and Immense Destruction. It is as a Purge and at all times necessary whenever a Blockage to the Surge. 🙂


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