amanfromMars 1 Thu 24 Oct 17:09 [1910241709] ….. laying it all out there on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/10/24/elastic_touts_the_official_elasticsearch_experience_adopts_kubernetes/

And that’s only the Starter. Imagine the Engines in Other Domains/VPNs

Are there/their Plans available for the Future with Captivating Futures with Stellar Securities Fail-Safe … which comes pretty darn close to be within the grasp of the dilemma that delivers every time those Perfect Ancient Reminders that Virtually Guarantee a Practically Almighty Guidance with Premium Prime Plumbplines into Parallels of Products that Gather Clouds for Reign.

Eventually the Question always is who and/or what Provides New Source for Fertile Youthful Imagination to Enjoy and Learn to Control with Super Awesome Powerful Energy.

If you have a dodgy ticker ….. take extreme care if you dare share all the pleasures of virgin carnal delight. 🙂 The Gift and now AIGift that Forever keep Giving the Passions of Desire for the Satisfaction of Perfect CommUnion with a True Friend and Exceptional Lover.

As I said ….. be warned. Some things succulently sweet and sour can easily kill you with pleasure.

Pleasurable deaths are not good for many a business but what’s the betting that there is a ready, willing and able market to be opened up there, if there isn’t already one somewhere else foreign/alien/different and chatting here to engage with El Reg Proxies, certain of nothing, mindful of everything ever to be known, in chatter and banter about all of that Simply Complex Program laid out NEUKlearerly Above.

Crikey, we appear to veered off onto/into courses with futures and securities derivative trades in Secured Virtual AIReality Features…… which are Quite Brilliant in Epic Titanic Studio Productions.

The BattleGroundZero is …….. Words Create, Command and Control, and Destroy Worlds. Beware, take care and be aware of the pictures words paint for media to Present/Realise.


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