amanfromMars [1909101740] ….. just saying, …. it aint rocket science on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/ma-no-more-kyle-bass-fears-alibaba-boss-will-be-jailed-disappeared-within-next-year

“forcibly removed from his position, stripped of his shareholdings (transferred to “five unnamed individuals” with the same address), and will likely be jailed or ‘disappeared’ within the next year.”

​​​​​​​That is nothing but wanton wilful warped wicked speculation and extremely dangerous to oneself.  Why ever think such so.

Would you like to consider Lunacy and Madness, Conflict and CHAOS the Drivers there ….. whereas in Surreal AI Programs here are they ReBorne Again Leaderships with Insane Genii Operations?

What happens whenever they are both and something completely different too, long ago proven Almighty?

Would you require ITs demonstration as a treasured true friend or lawless flawless foe? The Real Deal or a Usurper Pretender?

What are you taking, Kyle Bass? Too much doesn’t agree with you and there’s the evidence above printed in plain sight for all right before your very own eyes.


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