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PEBKAC Strikes Yet Again …… Proving itself the Weakest Link and Easiest of Prey?

There are, however, limits to foresight and/or anticipation, after an extensive evaluation of “the performance of 284 expert political forecasters in the assessments of more than 80,000 predictions over a 20 year period”, the evaluation concluded: “humanity barely bests the chimp” in forecasting political issues. In other words, humans are not performing well in foreseeing events; as such technical political forecasting arose. Instead of human forecasting, algorithms are better suited to forecast situations since the algorithms prove to be equally or more accurate than human forecasting. As the aforementioned evaluation noted: “it is impossible to find any domain in which humans clearly outperformed crude extrapolation algorithms, less still sophisticated statistical ones”. At present, however, “there is very little likelihood that human punditry, particularly the opinionated self-assurance so valued in the popular media, will be completely replaced by the unblinking assessments of computer programs”.In other words, for the time being, human forecasting will drive forecasting and anticipation, as such it will be flawed. ….. On cyber: The utility of military cyber operations during armed conflict.

The persistent systemic problem and abiding exploitative vulnerability, Tail Up, which just cannot stop giving?


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Re: Short memories

Maybe some missed the news that Huawei helped out political opponents in multiple countries, resulting in the murder of several candidates.
But ohh look there’s trumpf, lets go call him names and pretend Huawei isn’t putting spyware in all their phones for China’s government (not like they can say no). …. Mahhn

It is proving itself extremely effective and even quite disconcerting at times, Mahhn.

Is a Program of Interest for Private Pirate Assistance …… Divine Heavenly Intervention? 🙂

And the only acceptable answer there is most definitely a resounding yes.


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Re: From my understanding…

Releasing the code into the wild after having it denied is also a complete d&ck move. It just shows you dont actually care about the security of your fellow netizens, you’re just there for the potential payout… …. Iglethal

Unrelated note, what is it that Valve[MS/Apple/Google/Amazon etc etc] actually DO these days, other than sitting on a vast pile of money made off of other people’s hard work? …. tcmonkey

It is popularly known as the American Corporate Way ….. Vaster riches for the few, poisonous scraps for the many.

But it only continues to work wonderfully well if hardly anyone knows. Nowadays though, that silent dreadnought of arrogant convenience is holed catastrophically below the water line long ago. And there aint no lifeboats available to pick up loaded survivors.


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Re: From my understanding…

They probably occasionally go swimming in their giant money pool. …. ArrZarr

They always go Deep See Diving for giant grant money pools, ArrZarr.

Titans such as develop and maintain this type of Internetional Security Program …….. Leading AI with JEDI Projects in Overall Remote Command and Total Virtualised Control.

A Veritable King Solomon’s Mines of a Bonanza to Value According to Practical Ethereal Worth.



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