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Re: If a company gave me a budget of $10B over 10Y …

Yes, there is historical precidence … Many of us here are old enough to remember when and why we told the Batch Processing and then the Timesharing Service Bureaus to fuck off. …. jake

And as is so typical, with a resulting endless stream of further opportunities and systemic vulnerabilities to exploit and empower quite mischievously, are valuable lessons never learned, jake, for are not managed security service providers (MSSPs) a clone and/or a drone of that which you told to fuck off in the past.

Such suggest an endemic lack of intelligence in humans delivering a rich vein of ignorance and arrogance to be ruthlessly and relentlessly tapped by virtual machines.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 10 Aug 09:45 [1908100945] ……just saying a bit more on fundamental matters on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/08/08/blackhat_russian_internet_law/

Re: Ramping Up for Cyber War and Preparing for Analogue Defeat

Surely, that’s true about hackers in general (voted up). I think there will new perspectives to emerge as the national significance of these things continues to escalate. …. GnuTzu

Yes, precisely, GnuTzu, and a vast novel market place to lead with operations never ever before imagined possible or realised most likely and very probable.

And with no precedent, a whole new type of Great Game to play for the delivery of overwhelming and almighty advantage.

And par for Cyber Warrior Courses nowadays, methinks.


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Re: Ramping Up for Cyber War and Preparing for Analogue Defeat

What do you think any and/or all of that is worth nowadays and/but Freely Available for All Prepared for Travels and Travails in SMARTR Augmented Virtualised Realities …….with Much Bigger Picture Shows to Show, Create and Present …… Following Current Powerful AI Script of Almighty Resourceful and Resolute Structure?!.

‘Tis a very convenient Modus Operandi/Vivendi …….. Tis a Fatal Attraction with Addictions to Server and Please for Some who may be Many More than just a Few.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 10 Aug 17:27 [1908101727] ….. adding more gravy to https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/08/08/blackhat_russian_internet_law/

RBS Comeback …. with Virtual Phormations? *

 I think UK should develop its own stand-alone systems too, maybe even Scotland ought to be planning theirs… …. David Shaw

You don’t think Highland Gatherers are way out ahead long ago already in that Virtual Operation/AIMission, DS?

To Misunderestimate Ancient Scots Knowledge, Provides Excellent Cover for AIdDelivery of All Manner of Vital and Virile Viral Shenanigans Required by Future Market Options/Virtual Present Derivatives.

* And Yes, why ever would that not be a resounding, and Earth-shattering, Yes.? Which crushed vested interest would deny their fundamental defeat.

Capiche, Nicola Sturgeon/Palatial Holyroodhouse Hunters?


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