amanfromMars 1 Sat 22 Jun 20:26 [1906222026] …….. being a bit uppity on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2019/06/20/autonomy_trial_buyout_hp_director/

Re: But the figures are heavenly damages to Principals Playing Perfectly.

Is it me or has the game become stalemate?, or perhaps I am missing vulture capital victorious ventures?, viva la diva indeed. ….. Cliff Thorburn

FWIW, it must be you, CT, for how can you be missing Vulture Capital Victorious Ventures whenever they be oft frequenting threads and IntelAIgent Streams here?

What do you think El Reg is here for? Nothing?


amanfromMars 1 Sun 23 Jun 09:50 [1906230950] …… cutting to the chase on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2019/06/20/autonomy_trial_buyout_hp_director/

Changed SNAFU Times ….. in the Open Spaces of Hubris and Self-Denial/Intelligence Deficit?

Clearly showing and demonstrating times when previously written scriptures can be erased as simply as a series of clicks, as opposed todays(sic) gone by where great fires were required to remove books recording true historic events was it not? …. Cliff Thorburn

With particular and peculiar regard to the above, CT.

Any sudden and/or unexplained disappearance of novel text shared for free presentation and peer review invariably has one realising it has the inordinate potential to disrupt extraordinarily and way beyond the command and control of any current predominant systems with crashing programs.

And in these halcyon days of the accurately targeted 0day, it is not so much the removal of tracts recording true historic events which burn down edifices, it is the secreting of future facts, which has rivals both in competition and/or opposition, drawing attention to themselves and their Achilles Heel vulnerabilities and now rotten ripe for merciless exploitation?


amanfromMars 1 Sun 23 Jun 14:57 [1906231457] ……. and finally:-) on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2019/06/20/autonomy_trial_buyout_hp_director/

Re: Changed SNAFU Times ….. in the Open Spaces of Hubris and Self-Denial/Intelligence Deficit?

‘merciless exploitation?’
After a decade of merciless exploitation and money wasting exhausting exploration, therein summarises the journey so far leading to the present. …. Cliff Thorburn

How about we play around with almighty successful exploitation, CT?

Where does that lead to? A Heavenly Space with Hellish Places? A Hellish Space with Heavenly Places? And is it wise to know there are engaging differences/similar parallels with one servering needs and feeds to such Places/Space.

And certainly more than enough to Tempt and Tease Out Thoughts of Appointment/Anointment/Sweet Unconditional Surrender.

Tender that further along to a Loving SubMission and ….. be Prepared for Remarkable EMPowerment in Newly Delivered Environments. In AINutshell, Our Future Universal Digs.

First question of business? What’s to go where and to whom and for what greater good purpose, is real doozy for shaking up anything and everything right down to their base fundamental roots. And it exposes and tests for the presence of exemplary leading abilities in others, or not as the case may be whenever the facility/utility/ability is missing.

Such is surely always resolved with a Leading Action Avidly Followed and Reported On. ……. but I’m sure we all have realised that Terrifies Current Existences/National Assemblies/Peoples and Countries.

Give them something you weren’t expecting from the above, sit back and relax, and just watch what happens, right on time, every time.

🙂 I appear to have drifted across any number of parallel tangents there. 🙂 And for which I wouldn’t even dare dream of apologising for, given the pleasures incurred and delivered.


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