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Beware Electric Monks on ACID*

Does the unveiling and unrolling of views which demonstrate and prove the virtual illusory nature of realities built upon all of the spawned products of humankind …… you know, those pieces of the great mosaic puzzle which are not natural but essentially fully artificial and practically man made …. and which removed from the equation and picture, leaves one at the beginning of time in a planetary space place, which in this case we will identify as Earth, truly naked on a dangerous planet filled with ignorant and crazy beings, or in a heavenly garden with countless excited lovers?

And is such proving itself to be diabolically problematical and impossible to deny is not true and false …… and also impossible to deny is not false and true.

And what whenever Words Shared with Computers Create Worlds in Command and Control of Life and Death via Simply Complex Communications Channels/World Wide Webs/Dark Networks?

What do you hit to crush dissent and opposition/opportunity and competition ….. Words or Computers/SMART Machines or their Programmers and Systems Analysts?

Or do you realise that would be a monumental mistake for in their defence do the diabolical launch colossal catastrophes, for there are surely many to contemplate as being extremely effective, which decimates systems and destroys the notional wealth of nations, its base core assets …. which be no more than the likes of a you or a me?

What stage do you imagine truth leading things to be at these days, Dabbsy? Any of the following three …….. All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. ….. Arthur Schopenhauer

Do you think the second stage can be dispensed with and disposed of to save the natives untold grief?

Looking forward to next Friday already. There’s much to discuss and share with Words which create Worlds for Computers and Virtual Machines to Command and Control Sublimely.

* ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability), an initialism for the transactional properties of database management systems …… at the Jim Gray Disappeared rather than Albert Hofmann end of the scales.


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