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Re: I wonder what’s really going on (PS it’s nothing to do with rape allegations)

Whistleblowers everywhere will feel the chilling effects of US “justice” and criminals in governments will be able to breathe easier. …. AC

Oh? I wouldn’t be be so sure, AC. I can easily imagine the exact opposite [Streisand] effect with the likes of a government of Jeremy Hunts and conserving lickspittles being understandably targeted for the most outrageous of crazy unreasonable reactions because of what they do and allow to be done by others on their watch.

How well do you think the Conservative Party [a politically incorrect gang of just 124k members*] would fare in a snap emergency, no further confidence in government general election at this extremely awkward time, or at any time in the near future? Is the possibility of such a public vote realised their worst case scenario nightmare presented as they prove them to be unelectable with a mandate to govern? And what shenanigans would they contemplate to ensure the will of the people is avoided at all cost?

*  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_party_affiliation_in_the_United_Kingdom

If you want CHAOS and Confusion in the Fields of Madness and Mayhem, IT Systems with AI and SMARTR Media Deliver in Spades.

And as/when/if Julian Assange is a political prisoner facing trumped up charges, special rules apply …

A political offence exception (or exemption) is a provision which limits the obligation of a sovereign state under an extradition or mutual legal assistance treaty or statute. Such provisos allow the state whose assistance has been requested (“the requested party”) to refuse to hand over a suspect to — or to gather evidence on behalf of — another state (“the requesting party”), if the requested party’s competent authority determines that the requesting party seeks assistance in order to prosecute an offence of a political character. ….. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_offence_exception

Or are there prize idiots out there willing to argue against such an obvious evident truth and in so doing confirm, beyond any reasonable doubt, the roles of Madness and Mayhem in the action?

We inhabit strange days indeed …… but they are all being provided to you. What does that make you whenever you accept them without realising the worst of them be badly designed to humiliate and captivate both competition and opposition? Does Cuckold offend and hit the target bullseye?


amanfromMars 1 Fri 12 Apr 08:54 [1904120854] ….. saying a bit more on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/all/2019/04/11/met_police_arrest_julian_assange/

Re: Mildly Unsettling Stuff for UN Settled Staff … Heap Good AIMedicine though, Kemo Sabe

I recommend Imodium. …. Jove

By Jove, of course you do. It is practically default for stoolies


amanfromMars 1 Fri 12 Apr 16:19 [1904121619] …. saying a wee bit more on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/7/2019/04/11/met_police_arrest_julian_assange/

Re: Justice in Deaf, Dumb and Blind States ie Raw Hard Core Copy Evidence Missing

Or was it just tax payers money and he was low hanging fruit? Would the sky have fallen in if the “most wanted man in Britain” had just walked out of the embassy whenever he wanted, and arrested whenever he appeared next? Or were the security forces so concerned he might test their “competence”? ….. Anonymous Coward

Are they currently proving themselves incompetent and manifestly unfit in the provision of greater intelligent streams to government and media, AC? And do they command and control the present news narrative orchestrating forces competing and/or opposing the tales to be told tomorrow of mistakes made a long time ago and yesterday.

Is there no New News of the Future in your neck of the woods yet?



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