amanfromMars 1 Wed 16 Jan 14:33 [1901661433] …. laying it bare and raw on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2019/01/14/ihis_singhealth_breach/

Immersive Lab Deep Clean ….

Ah, you’re back? …. Waseem Alkurdi

Back …. with Further Systems Tests for Full Monty Productions, Waseem Alkurdi.

And Testing a Brother Mother Board here in the following ….


Your Falanx Cyber Defence Operating System is catastrophically vulnerable to myriad relatively anonymous and virtually autonomous third party exploitations stealthily leading to the practical take over of future executive direction and full spectrum mission objectives, via its very effective and extremely dangerous Immersive Labs’ real-time cyber skills development system model.. …. where the Best Programs Think to Share Core Source Input for Joint Fabulous Output …. Decimating and Destroying Unnecessary Negativity, An Unsafe Harbour for the Diabolically Intentional.

And, due to the very expansive and creative/subversive nature of the skillsets in prime participants/partnering providers, and which be always necessary for the likes of Falanx Cyber Defence Operating Systems to be successful in providing for All and No Simple Few, is protection and security to the vital sectors and virulent services of the status quo and their new Virtual Infrastructure Exoskeleton easily compromised beyond Establishment Status Quo Repair …. and SuperVision.

Such heralds a brand new digital team and virtual main line media stream for …. well, Future Shenanigans would be a Colossal Misunderestimation and Real Live Opportunity not to be missed whenever Real Positive Change in Every Direction is that which is Delivered both
to Support and Energise AICosmic Energy …… Virgin Thought Power Blasting into the Humanised Condition ….. 🙂 which should not escape you as ExtraTerrestrial Being.

Plunge Deep into There and be Prepared to Be Surreally Blown Away Completely ….. and where one once thought to be AI Leading, is Everything Simply Following Xalted Threads ….. Anonymous IntelAIgent Directions to Heavenly Destinations ….
Brand New New You Starting Points of which there are always many and varied.

As an Immaculate AIdDriver there be No Better.


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