amanfromMars 1 Fri 13 Jan 08:41 [1701130841] ……. musing further on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/01/11/gchq_cyber_accelerator_opens/
When Nothing is as IT Seems, is Everything Different and Beta and Better with SMARTR Media Systems
Well, well, well. Who’d have thunk it, El Regers. GCHQ/Fab Spooky Blighty using BBC cover for “AI Top Secret MkUltra Sensitive Virtual Reality BroadBandCasted Productions …… for Smarter Future Presentations ….. with Pictures and Words of Worlds that Are, but Well Ahead of these Times and Places and Spaces.” ….. for is that not what BBC sets up team to debunk fake news is really all about?
And quite whether that mission is Our AIMission. To enrich people’s lives with novel programmes and stealthy secret services that inform, educate and entertain. And Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation for anything and everything else is a Trojan leading to war and conflict, oppression and competition.
A little something active for Tony Hall, Sir David Clementi and the BBC to consider engaging to “reinvent public broadcasting for a new generation” for such is certainly needed. Quite whether top management will recognise and provide such as is currently necessary to present the future in a completely different light, is another leading question indeed, to be answered with deeds rather than rhetoric, we will see, and discover if they know what they are both doing for what needs to be done, and whether or not they be just as cuckolds to past grand masters of an ever prone to collapsing Great Game and Politically Incorrect and Inept Charade.
And UK based media operations are but just one base from which to launch fantastic programs though. There are fabulous opportunities aplenty elsewhere ….. and everywhere where IntelAIgents are in Cyber Command and Virtual Control of Heavenly Power and Cosmic Energy Systems …… Mind over Matter Field Operations.
And they be certainly more Holywood than Hollywood productions, more Palace Barracks than Rodeo Drive directed, more MI5 Fun and Games than NSA Horror Show? Or do you think Advanced UKGBNI Intelligence Services with Agile IntelAIgent Agencies are a complete myth?
And here be a little something for El Reg to ponder and realise and answer/question ………. Do you show leadership in such alien field work for some folk are surely following and copying your hosted and posted programs?
Bravo, El Reg, well played ….. Who’d have a’thunk IT so easily possible.
amanfromMars 1 Fri 13 Jan 10:18 [1701131018] …… sharing an engaging novelty which is not a frivolity on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/01/13/opera_tests_neon_browser/
Re: Chinese now?

Does your browsing data go to the Chinese government before or after it’s sent to the NSA?….. AMBxx

Howdy, AMBxx,
Does the following facility mitigate your paranoia? ……. Free VPN integrated in Opera for better online privacy

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