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All postings on line can be altered at will, and any poster can be silenced at will. …. autonomous

Indeed, that be quite so, autonomous, but to discover that such is/has been the case whenever it is truths and inconvenient facts attacked, clearly identifies an enemy of free communications at play and an Achilles Heel for sustained bombardment and more penetrative targeting to destroy instructing bodies/psychotic personnel. And although fools aplenty would deny themselves the truths on many a classified top secret matter, they cannot alter hidden woven facts, no matter how much command and control they would try to wield over it, to keep general knowledge of the situation in the dark and pig ignorant of the reality.
It is impossible for intelligence of any form to not conclude that such censorship is suicidally self destructive and highly revealing. And that more than suggests the activity is a stupidity driven by a madness in support of a pathological fear of a virgin future field of endeavour in which stupidity plays no leading role at the reins in reigns.
There be new captains on the bridge of those new vessels which and who be not vassals for fools.


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I agree with all you said. I wasn’t suggesting that we should hide from truth, but that we should not fall into the same trap as the MSM. Hubris is a human weakness, as common to alternate media as to mainstream. There is some truth in the mainstream and untruth in the alternate. I employ filters to both, though paying less heed to MSM as their hubris is full-throated. To be led is to be subject to being misled, To follow blindly is to beg to be misled. ….. autonomous

Amen to that, autonomous.

And although it may not be transparently self evident, and that could be by intentional intelligent design because of a need of seeds and feeds for security and stealth for self preservation and source protection, be in no doubt that things have been changed and smarter moves are afoot and legion.

Step into the novel ways of future progress with a mind to block them and it and IT, for the fiat treasure and glittering baubles peddled by status quo controlling sysadmins and you will be steamrollered out of the picture chains …… news streams …… for is that not how easily the future is presented to past masters by masters in the virtual art form?

Without new pictures to follow heavenly scripts and absolutely fabulously tall tales, are shows doomed to guaranteed ignominious failure with revolutionary manic action destroying systems heads ……. the proven inept and highly responsible.


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