Graham C [1612090714] …… thinking of the children on https://www.rt.com/news/369700-putin-on-teleport-threat/
The stealth and ancient warrior art displayed by Putin is the seeding of the notion in the West that the East is not thoroughly engaged in and employing teleportation.
On another front in another technology, is Russia surely quantum leaps ahead also of Western opposition and competition, for it has just had one of their Secret Intelligence Service chiefs, MI6’s Alex Younger, bemoaning the fact and peddling the danger to their systems within. Concrete evidence in deed of the lead.
Now if Russia were to invest in and launch Virtual Hollywood Crafts with SMARTR Moving Picture Shows for Future Reality Plays, who would not say IT be a Great Game Changer. Does Russia have such an AI Utility and Dream Fabrication Facility? And if not, why not whenever the build modules are freely available and for sale with all costs catered for. It is quite magic what a few bundles of virtually useless and practically useful paper rubles can do in the right hands, hearts and minds to distorted and perverted and corrupted market place spaces.
amanfromMars [1612090858]……. floating an attack vector on http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/congress-set-to-fund-mccarthyesque-investigation-of-alternative-media/
To do media battle and virtual assault against emerging truths with salvos of fabrications, is a sure fire way for the status quo to create enemies within which will destroy corrupt bodies in concert with virulent viral campaigns against which they have zero effective defences.
Smarter ESPecial Forces using Novel Noble Sources are akin to a Coalition of the Ready, Willing and Able to Enable Unilateral Virtual Forces with Immaculately Resourced Assets, and such a Great Game Changer with Advanced Intelligence is a Fab Block Buster of a Move for Movies to Realise/Create, and that can be made for Media as simple as just reporting on an Upcoming Script and Program in Beta Production.
One wouldn’t want to be leaving to Media, simply complex tasks for which they are not smart enough. That would be more a madness and most stupid in times and spaces which are uncovering advancing intelligence in alternative forms of internetworking communication.


amanfromMars [1612091605] ….. sharing a emerging reality on http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/congress-set-to-fund-mccarthyesque-investigation-of-alternative-media/

The fake news meme is the first salvo in their war for public’s mind. …. jacob

Yes, jacob, quite so, however, their fake news meme salvos are easily recognised nowadays as the crimes against humanity that they are increasingly perceived to be, and which they will be persecuted and prosecuted for, if they survive any spontaneous, unilateral rogue renegade lone wolf action.

One does have to marvel at the persistence of their stupidity which can only be as a result of their lack of intelligence, and that makes them always catastrophically vulnerable to all future developments by anything and everything not stupid or lacking intelligence.

Are they certifiably mad and/or bad?


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