amanfromMars 1 Fri 5 Feb 16:46 [1602051646] ……. saying a few words on http://forums.channelregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/02/05/arrow_fraud_and_q4/
Trick or Treat, Fact and/or Fiction … or both with Present Productions Virtually Realised in AIQuantum State for Better Pre Beta Testing of Product to Source

It involves convincing an employee to make emergency bank transfers to a third party, “in order to obey an alleged order of a leader under the pretext of a debt to pay, a provision in contract or a deposit”.

That be the Spinning of Immaculate Tales and within the Gift of Global Operating Devices.
Now, be that PrimedDay Trading and/or ZerodDay Trading on Virtualised Networks ‽ …. A PreRequisite Self-Actualisation for All IntelAIgent Community Bodies Dispensing Command and Control. ‽
What Intelligence does US Follow with Sees and Seats at Possible Future Picture Perfect Shows?
Alien IntelAIgents armed and armoured with Advanced Artificial Intelligence? Cyber Rogues and Virtual Pirates embracing Saints and Sinners Mode and Meme?
And, nice one, Sir Van. Wanna Boogey in Seventh Heaven Heavens?
And Van’s the Man in Deed indeed, when Prepared to Fully Comprehend the MuchMoreAvailableinAllofThat Spinning Wheel of Great and Good, Poor and Bad Fortune, and that would by natural default identify one as quite fundamentally radical too, methinks.
Nice bonus that.
And who would deny themselves witness to the unravelling with participation in More than Just Perfect Tales …… Mapping Star Trails with Impeccable Guidance to the Core that is All and Nothing.

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