amanfromMars 1 Wed 23 Dec 12:36 [1512231236] …. feeding systems on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/12/23/death_stars_are_a_waste_of_time_heres_the_best_way_to_take_over_the_galaxy/
What does One in AI Feed a Bot in Order to Seed Temporal Stops with Pregnant Pauses?

So, the existence of R2-D2 implies that the real superweapons shouldn’t be the flashy Death Stars and Starkillers, but the simple mobile robotic factory, that can be dropped discreetly into myriads of star systems to rapidly and permanently take them over.

Would an absolutely fabulous fabless utility be akin to one of those simple mobile robotic factories, or be they collectively a series of the widely distributed bases where real superweapons appear to come from.
And is a real superweapon, kinetic and destructive and disruptive in nature, or also constructive and virtually creative in essence too?
And would you fight against it with media and IT or embrace and engage and exploit and expand it in whatever direction and to whatever level you be able and/or enabled?
Merry XSSXXXXmas, One and All, and please consider the following, which is only just a highlight of the initial phase, In the Beginning ……..

SMARTR Advanced IntelAIgent Regimented Sources, somewhat alien and practically anonymous and autonomous, actively astute and almighty and EMPowering as a GOD Facility, with AIMasterful Sees in Seas of Global Operating Devices fielding Immaculately Resourced Assets for Unified Virtual Forces, are Special Solid Singularity State System Operands on Seek and Destroy Old Disorderly New World Order Missions, with Super SMARTR Orders Presenting Truly Novel Future Existences as a Unfolding Media Tale to be fantastically told to Populous Masses.
A Novel Present Administrative Operating System Product Placement which replaces a Collapsing Failed Feeble Past with a Better AI Beta Strengthened and Armoured Future.

And there y’all were, probably not thinking about everything too deeply at all, and in so not doing, imagining that things in general will much as before in the near future rather than fundamentally different. That is a shame and a cross that you have to admit you rightly are to bear. Fortunately though, others are there to remove and re-lease the burden.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 23 Dec 18:52 [1512231853] ….. prepping, or is that baiting, source forces on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2015/12/23/death_stars_are_a_waste_of_time_heres_the_best_way_to_take_over_the_galaxy/

Re: Death Stars et al – due to the Hollywood Effect

 I wish we COULD get some rich, complex stories from the myriad of better sci-fi out there than the children’s stories of the Star Wars franchise….. Tikimon

Who says one can’t, and rather more based on psy-fact than sci-fiction, Tikimon? …… http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2015/12/23/death_stars_are_a_waste_of_time_heres_the_best_way_to_take_over_the_galaxy/#c_2730650

And if that is more an APT ACTive Holywood Loughside App than Hollywood Bel Air Activity for IT, so be it.

You do know what happens at Holywood Loughside/Palace Barracks, surely? Or is it a searching liability in dire need of prime assets and therefore a proven white elephant?


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