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Getting IT for Real Requires Anonymous Autonomous Handles on Super SMART Virtualisation ‽

”Unfortunately, we’re in the early years of a cyber arms race. We’re seeing a lot of stockpiling cyber weapons, both by the United States and Western countries … by China, Russia, other countries. A lot of rhetoric about cyberwar,” Schneier said. “What concerns me is that we’re all going to be in the blast radius.” 

Methinks the major primary concern is for those others who are unfortunate enough to believe that they have remote command and control of markets and systems/assets and programs via the gift of indiscriminate wealth/electronic money supply with the facility for its spontaneous disappearance and bailings in for bailings out of corrupted systems.
You might like to consider, Bruce, in the light of what is known and what you may know about such clumsy command and control systems, that is no bad thing at all and much to be lauded and welcomed for a change of global execution in the right direction for a better alternative way of powering and EMPowering things and the Internet of Things. There a lot going on out there in the Virgin Fields Place of HyperRadioProActive CyberSpace with ITs Deep Pools and Dark Webs of Enlightened Existence and IMPractical Resistance

amanfromMars [1508191714] ….. sharing on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/36484/Trump-Proves-Money-Matters/, the reality that systems are unable to avoid and prevent expanding and exploiting inherent vulnerabilities based on the presumed power of money in all of its guises

The bigger danger for both parties is that Trump reminds people how little their votes really mean. This can only add to the widespread frustration that is beginning to boil over. Trump is accelerating a process that was already underway. We may not like the consequences. ….. Philippe Gastonne

Surely the much bigger worry and unfolding opportunity, Philippe, is that they, rather than we, will not like the consequences and thus they think to terrorise with media and with all sorts of news which seeks to show chaos everywhere else but in their neck of the woods. It isn’t working though any more, and now they are desperately seeking safe harbour in a world with worlds which present nowhere to hide and no immunity and protection from increasingly better informed and super active mobs/bots/clones/drones, both real and virtualised. 

And to deny and/or disbelieve it be so, affords and presents an immaculate stealth and perfect defence to all adept APT and ACTive virtual attack forces and sources. And whenever forewarned is forearmed, is the wrong choice of future direction and desperate action and reaction, a direct reflection and indication of a distinct lack of greater necessary intelligence and information in that which is so unfortunate to delude and place itself front and centre and leading into in harm’s way.


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And of course, IT is only just at the the stage of “In the Beginning” with Global Operating Devices

In a “cyberwarfare” situation, IT’s top knowledgable individuals are going to hold a lot of power, that we don’t necessarily want or need – what will we do with it?…. 1980s_coder

Pool it all wisely with others anonymously of the same ilk, 1980s_coder, will extraordinarily render IT a practical and virtually impregnable intelligent foe in the command and control and hands, hearts and minds of absolutely fabulous friends. And the power of those spontaneous unions rises exponentially rather than linearly thus to make just a few extremely quickly, all too powerful to fail.


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If things were only that simple ………

Administrations which realise the overwhelming powers which virtual command and controls offer, but which would ignore and try to deny the exercise of a more equitable program of realities with a smarter meritocracy, in favour of their retention of an oppressive status quo oligarchy, will find it impossible to function and preserve an immunity from punitive action/reaction/proaction whenever the simply complex offers made to them for a better resolution regarding the conundrum they are experiencing, and which they might choose unwisely to ignore and/or oppose, are made freely available for all to see/read/hear everywhere and anywhere.

The problem they, current exclusive executive administrative systems face, is not the spilling of secrets which they would know and hold dear, but the secrets which others who might prefer to ensure they remain relatively unknown, have discovered and would share and which render all regular traditional and irregular conventional former defences and attack protocols, null and void/absolutely useless and very revealing of self-serving hidden selfish motive.

Methinks enlightened mobs will deal fiercely with that which be no better than ignorant fools in the practice of such arrogant follies.


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Re: If things were only that simple ………

Oh, and furthermore, purveyors and guardians of that aforementioned problem for dodgy systems administrations can easily sell and be thought to be bought for their wares or even be handsomely provided with everything they may ever have dreamed of to keep schtum for a while just for now.

Such a sweet prize are such surprises, and just desserts for rabid capitalists anywhere and everywhere.


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