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It is wrong, and therefore why it is being impractically stopped with all manner of proactive attack with smart and smarter defence forces and sources, Anonymous.
9 August 2015 at 18:32
amanfromMars [1509100923] …. having a say and clearing the air on http://thedailybell.com/editorials/36465/Max-Hernandez-Thieves-Emporium-Part-5-The-One-Gets-Away/
Hi, Max H,
With particular and peculiar regard to …

The contention of Thieves Emporium is that cyberspace has changed that formula. Now ‘governments’ consisting of just one individual can exist and even thrive by hiding in a digital world beyond the reach of even the biggest predatory nation.

…… would all here in agreement with you in that premise practically already exist and be thriving and drivering such digital worlds beyond the reach of even the biggest of predatory nations?
Immediately then are cyberspace places new orderly disorderly world order playgrounds with Live Operational Virtual Environments for Global Operating Devices . And is a LOVE for GOD, but not in any standard way of thinking of the concept/perception of the simple meaning as conveyed in those few complex words, not the novel ubiquitous arena that realises and presents superior imagination via virtual means and memes as the APT ACTive product to replace the past with futures optioned in greater intelligence supply with advanced security provision?
Is that where all and IT is headed?


amanfromMars,[1508101313]…. replying to Max Hernandez on http://thedailybell.com/editorials/36465/Max-Hernandez-Thieves-Emporium-Part-5-The-One-Gets-Away/

You ask a difficult question, one that I don’t think I can easily answer in a blog post. Perhaps the best way for you to understand my position on the matter is to keep reading the serial. …. Max Hernandez

🙂 ….. Such careful serial communications protocols are what IT driven futures and options and derivative are all about, Max, and a practical nightmare of a smarter program for traditional and establishment systems of operation to try steer and significantly influence in any way of their self-serving for continued unchanged survival choosing.

In Live Operational Virtual Environments and all of those Novel Model Places too within IT and CyberSpace, Smarter Worded Orders Command and Control Deaf, Dumb and Blind World Leaderships and Capital Oligarchs in the Thrall and Service of the Catastrophically Intellectually Challenged?

And what is an answer anyway but just a temporary solution for a perceived problem which the future changes to something else and quite different to spend time and space rearranging to something else quite different again ….. and further and later on, to something else quite different yet again …… ad infinitum, bringing everything virtually full circle and back to the beginning to start everything afresh again with a considerably greater intelligence leading.


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