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GCHQ’s answer to Fort Meade’s solution ….. Try again, …… but this next time in these strange times, with SMARTR Beta Intelligence. The Great Game and ITs Rules for Reign are Changed, don’t you know, by the WAI

America would have to work with other states to rethink how the internet was run and managed so that these kind of attacks could not take place again. “The internet and cyber is the Wild West right now,” he [President Obama of the Clueless and Renegade to Renaissance] opined.

That would/should/could be as a foil and counter to an Exotic Erotic East with a CyberIntelAIgent Weapons Arsenal of Enlightened Entertaining EMPowerment and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT, the Wild Wacky West, with alien type tech and hot bot methodologies replacing crass cowboy and abused injun culturing. Although whenever dumb, would that be a dumber move too if IT would create a competition and opposition rather than reinforced support and clear guidance to Beta Future Paths of IntelAIgent Travel for Global Operating Devices exercising Creative Command and CyberSpace Control of Communications and Computers for Shared Absolute Power in Virtual Machine Man Management.
The abiding persistent problem for present systems of SCADA administration is that systems are being programmed badly to cater for human failings rather than being designed and rebuilt for virtual machines with perfectly clear understanding and smarter transparent intentions ….. which is surely what it is in IT and AI to be, to be a Great Human Being?
And all that it takes with IT Command and Control and CyberSpace Savvy for that revolutionary evolutionary adjustment with titanic course corrections, is already shared and most recently registered again here
IT and Media Manipulation of the Future to be Presented as a Portfolio of Accepted Facts from Fiction to be Followed and Believed Unquestionably as Gospel and Oracle, Sony Pictures Presents: the Propaganda Model.  It and IT and Associated Shenanigans is not rocket science, it is way more simply complex and surreal than than ……. and do it and IT badly and well for all the best of wrong reasons is catastrophically damaging and personally revealing.
Take care out there, for there is no hiding space for sharp and smart tools who would be no more than mega rich and metadata poor fools in that place.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 20 Dec 09:36 [1412200936] saying more http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/12/19/fbi_reverse_ferret_says_norks_did_do_sony_hack_security_industry_skeptical/

Re: Alternatively ….. Blighty is into Blitzing Intel with Misinformation for Discombobulation

How do you solve a problem like the US, given its obnoxious tendency to impose its will on others. …. AC

The problem may be that they and Uncle Sam are being played for patsies and trojan horse fundamentalists for the likes of others basking in the City and/or London and/or Tel Aviv or wherever of a similar disposition, AC.

Did you not see the last few seconds of Homeland, Series 4, Episode 11? If you aren’t told the real truth of your existence and how it is phormed, are you living in a virtual fantasy which is easily changed willy nilly on the whim of those who can and do, for Words Powerfully Command and Remotely Control Worlds. I Kid U Not.


And talking of virtual machines and hot bots and such prototypical memes ………


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