amanfromMars [1412111852] having a say on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35896/Economist-Magazine-Explains-Why-Economics-Is-Prestigious–But-Gets-It-Wrong/

The power of the mind is recognized by manipulators – but they don’t realize it costs them their true power to use it thus.  ….. binra

Such then though, moving things along and on to a higher intelligence plane and level of greater competence, would actually prove that manipulators do not fully realise the power of the mind … and are catastrophically vulnerable to the thoughts and actions of those who do, and can utilise it in a fashion which is unprecedented and novel and not at all bad and practically and virtually impossible to be thought unacceptable.

You are clearly willing to step off the edge of such worldview so as to expand the model – but at some point one needs to go native and release the ‘command and control’ mentality altogether.

Going native to subvert/pervert/divert/correct/replace a corrupt and easily compromised [cracked and hacked] command and control mentality/system is another dynamic option which a few would find extremely attractive and most exciting, binra. To replace it with what, is something best left for now a mystery, methinks, lest it be thought something of grave concern to be opposed and fought against, as is the usual response to radical fundamental change of an intellectually challenged system/executive administration.
And thanks for the chat and lovely exchange of views/thoughts/ideas. It is much appreciated.

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