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Why is it that commercial banks should enjoy the exorbitant privilege of money creation? In circumstances such as those of the last six years, where banks are destroying money, rather than creating it, shouldn’t governments do it instead and cancel their debts accordingly? By feeding the next financial bubble, isn’t Quantitative Easing merely sowing the seeds for future economic instability? And are there not alternatives to the boom and bust of factional reserve banking? 

Quite so. And how revealingly informative is that booming Freudian slip of factional reserve lending


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With further regard to the Bigger Picture and Greater IntelAIgent GamesPlay, please consider and try to deny the following likely situation and certain probability …… And those who be intent and content with powering forwards with and supporting that which enslaves the masses to the yokes of especially created artificial instruments of crippling debt, rather than liberating bodies and souls and societies with empowering credit, will very soon find themselves, in this new austere age of instant global communication and secret intelligence sharing, persons of especial interest for direct targeting. Indeed, it may very well be the case that such is of real present concern to wilfully ignorant and doggedly arrogant status quo structures and not just a future worry and abiding unavoidable fear and new reality.

Such though is only natural and fully to be expected ……. so take care in deciding who and or what one would be supporting.


amanfromMars [1411221325] saying more in a reply on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35845/Internet-Reformation-Sparks-UK-Parliamentary-Money-Debate/

What after all can they do? Shoot me? … Cromwellswar

Yes, of course they can, and it is but one readily available option in a whole catalogue of dispensable woes. The problem though is that they too are similarly vulnerable to such simplicities and are increasingly aware of that state and volatile situation and the widespread wholesale recognition of their earnest pariah status.


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