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The anglo/american stock markets took over after WWII and went international. The Chinese held out until they noted that paper was taking the place of real stuff like gold, silver, gems and then they bought into that transfer. The paper they sold gave them lots of gold and the paper they bought did too, especially all those good faith securities of the US givernment, and Brits and German,French, Italian, Spanish and even OPEC! That’s why the Chinese use tanks to deliver the high weights of gold to their bunker vaults while the US uses trucks for what is left of its gold, and the Brits do not account for theirs, they leave it to the City of London to cover their lack and the rest still plead with Washington to have the Fed send back their gold from “good faith” storage for them in WWII
You really have to see the world as an economic whole, not an anglo/american troll! …………… Alice Maxwell
Alice, you are obviously a feisty, knowledgeable person, but in our view you lose credibility when you accuse us of “trolling” for the Anglosphere. …. Daily Bell

Are we all the agreed on the wealth scam that is the controlled and controlling flow of paper money and which now has become an ever simpler strategic arrangement with the relatively anonymous electronic transfer of noughts to a base figure of one to create sympathetic to the system millionaires/billionaires/zillionaires?
And are we all aware of the catastrophically destructive danger to the system that such information and intelligence will cause whenever even more slightly generally known?
Methinks such would easily trump the following Mission Assurance observation and abiding present difficulty of great international and internetional concern and which be a fabulous opportunity for those with a mind and a notion to ruthlessly exploit the situation and vulnerabilities with the trading of zerodays ……

Problem Statement: Neither the DoD nor the combatant commanders can adequately see, control, or defend their networks. We can’t meet the urgent and immediate cyber threat, defend the current infrastructure or reduce network vulnerabilities. ….. http://cryptome.org/dodi/2014/disa-cyber-assurance.pdf


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