amanfromMars [1409050457] …. having a say on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35615/Surprising-Rise-of-the-Club-of-Rome/

It’s interesting to note, that before his death Roger Revelle concluded he was in error, and that the activities of man were not contributing to global warming. …. gomurr

The error in current activities of present politically incorrect sub-prime mankind leadership is global warring. It is the smoke and veil mirror that reflects the image and fact that they do not have command and control of power and remote virtual influence, and it and IT both create for them omnipotent and omniscient enemies guaranteed to overwhelm and destroy them should they choose to maintain and extend the fraud and charade and present courses and casus belli.
And it is to be fully expected that newly created enemies will be considerably smarter than earlier ignorant foe and realise that targets of specific interest for their particular and peculiar attention are not in the greater general public at large, but be in those few parading in the limelight of news and media and calling for their eradication in reports and retorts/media hosted soundbites.
Such very soon has much wiser heads in quiet charge and in quite remote anonymous and autonomous command and control positions of power and virtual influence which have been effectively clinically purged and/or vacated and/or evacuated of tools and fools in furtherance of vainglorious folly, crazy fame and outrageous fortune.

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