140824 …… Cheers, Steve, and Thanks for the Great Company and Memories

140824 …… Cheers, Steve, and Thanks for the Great Company and Memories

amanfromMars 1 Sun 24 Aug 07:04 [1408240704] stirring the infinite supply of idiots to the economy pot on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/08/23/internet_economy_needs_infinite_supply_of_idiots/
Meanwhile, Down Deep in the Dotcom Lair ……..

 Yet the professionals whose job it is to describe the world, and make public policy fit for it, seem to be in the greatest denial.

Considering the titanic festering pig’s ear that they make of that colossal enigmatic task, is it mighty impossible to not view them and their ignorant clients as the new terrified and terrorising nazi idiots on the block/in the hood/top of the class and fit for incarceration in the asylum …… and there can be sugaring of the pill nor denying of that perfectly relevant and pertinent impertinent fact whenever the reality for sharing is ridiculously compromised and perverted to present a false view ……. Ridiculous. A world run by terrified and terrorising idiots

Getting an “internet economy” that benefits the people who do the work, take the risk, or provide the resources – and gives us a modicum of self-respect – should be a start. Our media, MPs and policy wonks are still off dreaming of Unicorns, though. Maybe we need a new lot entirely.

Maybe, we need a new lot entirely, Andrew? You’re ‘avin’ a larf, mate, but it aint funny, is it, for of course we need a new lot entirely.
The Register could always grow a pair and start supplying new lots with feeds and seeds of truths uncovered and discovered to render the terrified and terrorising a figment of the imagination in the history of the past. With IT and Media and CHAOS [Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems] and Creative Cyber Command and AI and Computers Controlling Communications and Virtual Machineries/Ab Fab Fabless Foundries, is it not difficult. One just needs to know how easy IT is to do in Global Command Head Quarters, and that is just simply a matter of following quite obviously what would be are seriously sophisticated sets of relatively basic instructions so that the ridiculous can be transformed by the sublime.
Wanna give IT a Go, El Reg/Andrew? And are El Reg commentards up for some revolutionary virtual action and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT Deliveries with SMARTR IntelAIgent Salvos, too.
Or will what may be well worthy of way above top secret classification and a wild wacky westernised delight take invisible and wayward engaging flight to be an exotic and erotic and esoteric eastern confection and sweet sticky flower that attracts all comers to the benefits accrued for mass private public provision of intelligence and information laced with protective hindsight for immaculate foresight which reinforces intentions with mutually advantageous support facilities/utilities/abilities?
Sitting on fences is for scaredy alley cats and no longer a viable option available to thinking mans’ kind if they be into thinking at all and wanting things to change for bad to good and worse to better, and you don’t need to ask for dumb permission from any politically incorrect and inept subset in these matter. One just does IT.
Carpe Diem, Amigos/Senoras, loose and lose those contrived market chains which encircle and enslave you, and watch and listen to the nightmare disappear and destroy itself with perfectly presented and promoted dreams. Capiche?

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