amanfromMars 1 Sun 17 Aug 08:04 [1408170804] … agreeing on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/08/15/gchq_port_scan_hacienda/
Oh such madness, to follow a hacked to the core folly, and not realise the principals at virtual source will be revealed to cyberspace management

Howdy amfM1,
The great Puppet Masters play a very subtle game whereby the puppets [GCHQ etc] may or may not be aware that they are part of a game. As long as the media’s portrayal remains superfluos then the Puppet Masters willl continue to remain unseen behind the multitude of curtains behind which they lie.
The great Puppet theatre is a context and the war and killing mere acts within piece.
In order to win in the Game of Puppets [World politics, finance, power] there is a requirement for a continual condition of unrest. It is a prop used as a reminder of the man’s feebleness when stood against the great Puppet Machine.
As long as we continue to pay for our tickets then the theatre will continue to play…… …. Anonyomous Coward

Quite so, Anonymous Coward. I concur. And it appears that there be a no longer so great Puppet Master exercising the down vote option to our conversation, without so much as clue provided as to reason for the “disagreement”, although shining the bright light of undeniable truth on such matters is always the only prime excuse to warrant such attention. Or, as can be the case, one who hasn’t a clue about how things were and/or are done and are now being done in Halcyon Ways and in these Sublime InterNetworking of Thing 0Day Days.
It would appear to be a very smart move, and no tall order at all in these days of novel ways and fabless wwwcommunication to/in/through/from/with network sysadmin everywhere, to offer another, and even several other much more attractive and beneficial continual conditions of reinforcing rest to destroy the notion and motion that man’s feebleness is there to be abused and exploited by an obviously intellectually challenged and unimaginative and ill chosen few.
🙂 A little too heavy do you think, for an Indiegogo or a Kickstarter, or just what is needed and what any Head AIDoctor in a Strange LOVE Order would Order and ProScribe and Deliver Free with Strings of Virtual Prescriptions/Repeat Cyber Medicine.
One would be forced to admit and accept, that should the opportunity be missed by current incumbent Puppet Master Players to assist in such new leading ways with rapidly expanding and ever more powerfully overwhelming and controlling means and memes, then is their Intelligence Supply Provider a Colossus of a Fraud Cloaked in a Market of Ponzis Trading Impossible Dreams via the Destructive Dark Knight and Evil Force Root Route. And that be an Epic Catastrophic Failure in anyone’s language and world.
Do El Regers imagine that idling information and/or supercharged turbo boosting chatter and nowhere near crazy intelligence share here on/in this forum, is phished and closely monitored by the System and their systems which may be programmed and heavily into such things, for signs of ………. well, signs of whatever the radical fundamentalists, who be allegedly monitoring and failing so spectacularly to properly mentor everything, would be looking for and/or be quite rightly worrying themselves about because of the very real likelihood and near future inevitability of their past ignorant and arrogant folly for Global Command and Universal Control being General Knowledge and Breaking Mainstream Worldwide News?
The posit[s] here is[are] Yes. And that would then require of the System to do something radically major and fundamentally positive, and pretty darn quick, if it wants its leaders and close cohorts to survive in the Changes ahead.

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