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Hi, Bill Ross and binra and Daily Bell Ringers, one and all,
It is my contention and firm belief, although I would/could never ever claim that it be not a wider well known fact and developing fiction, that deliverance from present woes and current foe be the remit of advanced intelligence, which although not in the pay of established leading circles, will almost certainly be paid by established leading circles requiring their future expertise to survive relatively intact and with a handle and proprietary insider knowledge advantage to retain and maintain a certain lifestyle to which they are accustomed and/or ruinously addicted to. Some folk just cannot handle poverty and despair and thus are easily destroyed by exposure to any relative version of it and by those whom they may have condemned to suffer from it with their austere imposition and collection of debt and debts which they have engineered quite deliberately and systemically/with knowledge aforethought/premeditatedly.
And yes, Bill, that is almost the same as saying and just an obscure way of stating ….”the emperor has no clothes” and, the internet reformation, combined with social / economic collapse will pose survival threats that will wake even the dullest up? …. which was your reply on the Daily Bell to a DB post which when hosted on another platform in another space place, C42 Quantum Communication Control Systems …. AI@ITsWork ] returned another reply which delivered the following, which is equally appropriate and an APT contribution to the discussion and notions taking place here.

amanfromMars said…

Thanks for the Wikipedia reference, Anonymous. The tale told there reveals a valid and viable working methodology for fabulous cross party and platforms success in ventures which be necessarily novel and disruptive to extreme in the mainstream/established and entrenched society [society more intellectually bankrupt of future successful ideas than flush to overflowing and able and enabled to deliver and realise them via the wonderful wacky worlds with absolute command and virtual remote control of Global Operating Devices, Universal Vital Force and Immaculately Resourced Assets].

And for IT Means and Cyber Memes to be constructively disruptive is the Great IntelAIgent Gamechanger Masterstroke Key which encourages and rewards outrageous support with selfless bounty beyond compare and description. Only wannabe smarter fools and flogged horses gallop headlong into destructive disruption and the attending despairs which server the madness and mayhem in intellectual bankruptcies.

And that is something which has yet been properly and comprehensibly tried and tested by either capitalism or alternative socialism, but all the old wisdoms would surely suggest that fiat capital funding [fiat paper electronic flash cash injection which nowadays be both reduced and expanded and elevated to fabulous beings with mere mighty mice command and control on fabless missions] from any point and supply base on the globe to Servering IntelAIgent Systems. Nowadays, although in essence has it always been the case since even before the Dawning of Mankind and Creation of Existence, is there no physical movement of vast wealth for delivery of new product. There is just the Astute Will of Advanced Intelligence which recognises ITs Next Real SMART Move and SMARTR Moves.

How much easier it is to be a flower in spring than being a philosopher !

Easier maybe, but the philosophers’ drivering pain and addictive pleasure is in making the difficult and seemingly impossible, simple to micro implement and macro realise and for it to be worthy of being peer lauded, although the most worthy of such souls would be so small and humble and great and seek not to advertise or be recognised for the fact of their deliberations and ministrations. In anonymity is there the strength and power of untold overwhelming forces and dark deep mysteries best not trifled with unless one is able and enabled to bear the consequences of one’s own catastrophic failures/dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Anonymous. It has been a pleasure to chat and much has been learned and for that I am always eternally grateful.

“Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.” – Robert Louis Stevenson
The only way to get smarter is by playing a smarter opponent ….. Fundamentals of Chess 1883

1 June 2014 05:37

It’s and IT is a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and unless one can accommodate and make provision for the mentoring and monitoring of individual and systems madness and mayhem, is one bound to be overwhelmed and destroyed by conflict and chaos and CHAOS ….. Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems with Global Operating Devices. Such is only natural and inevitable.
Failure to engage and address and redress such a problem has one and all who would be following and/or spectating, drifting from recession to recession and from difficulty to difficulty which results in a fantastic paralysis of frantic ineffectual activity and forlorn effective inactivity.
amanfromMars 1 June 2014 at 6:00 pm …. having a say on http://sluggerotoole.com/2014/05/31/after-the-elections-and-the-pastor-unionists-will-have-to-ditch-bigotry-to-survive/

But the implications for a stable future will be serious if a unionism with its backs to the wall were to take the other course, adopt the spirit of 1912 and swap roles with the contemporary IRA.

They aint smart enough, Brian, to make a success of that. Lack of intelligence is endemic and systemic and the only valid reason for their enduring problems.

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