amanfromMars replying to the Daily Bell [1405300816] on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35352/Capitalism-Worth-Fighting-For/ which servered for comment …..

OK, thanks. You are obviously welcome to comment. As for the article and its stated perspective, there is this, which we believe is fairly clear:

“This perspective sounds authoritative but it leaves out a lot. Capitalism is a system that relies on state power for its creation and maintenance. Specifically, judicial decisions authorizing corporate personhood and legislative acts enabling central banking in the US and the West generally have created modern capitalism.

“In other words, it is state force that creates and supports what is commonly called capitalism in the modern era.

“Capitalism is commonly conflated with free markets, but they are two different entities. A free-market system implies a competitive paradigm that does not rely on government for its implementation. Capitalism is ultimately, in many ways, a creature of the state.”

Whenever that is all not actually true, DB, does the state and capitalism have a serious and getting ever more serious and personally dangerous problem which will be confined to its own administrations and defining of its own chief administrators, in an information rich and growing intelligent environment, which is the postmodern age in which smarter beings be living, Some, who may be many and more than just a chosen few, may realise and be able to realise and virtualise i.e. present to the media enslaved and mindfully pre-programmed masses, alternate virtual realities and novel diaspora that support and prove, for better and/or for worse, that what is commonly called capitalism in the modern era, creates and destroys state forces. ……. and thus is it catastrophically vulnerable to smarter informed and growing more intelligent force[s] within states.
And capitalism will have a major dilemma and Catch 22 problem with that, which will quickly destroy it from the top down, because of the simple fact [which I’m sure some may say is a fiction and nothing to worry about] that there will be a difficulty in trying to deal with it, without alerting the oppressed masses to the information, which once out there on the internet and on world wide webs, so very quickly becomes universally virile and viral and undeniably mega meta data powerful …… and most certainly way beyond any possible means and memes of present currency and Capital Command and Control Systems Admin, no matter how unconventional and radically untraditional they may turn out to be in vain attempts to maintain predominance in and with a corrupt and perverse system well past its sub-prime sell by date.

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