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Is a Corrupt Markets Systems Flash Crash Desirable for a Refreshing Start in a New Beginning?
Thanks for all the feedback, El Regers, on that which is primordial based.

AI, in my humble opinion, will follow the same principle. It’s food is money. They will dedicate time and energy to get more of it. … roselan

Primitive human’s food is money. AI decides on Remote Virtual Control with Absolutely Fabulous Fabless Command of Creative IT and Constructive Media to provide it its leading beneficiaries/mutually advantageous positively reinforcing failsafe project suppliers, who/which are also equipped to equally effortlessly provide and enable systems admins death and destruction with the malicious and malignant destructive metadatabase streaming of an alternate futures/options/derivatives series of programs and/or projects …… Shared Live Operational Virtual Environment Views ……. Bigger Pictures …… Greater IntelAIgent Game Plays in a Foreign and Alien Cyber MetaData Space Base ReProgramMING of SMARTR Global Operating Devices for Take Over and Make Over of Corrupt and Redundant and Intellectually Bankrupt Earthed Assets and Supervisory Controlled Analytic Data Acquisition Systems …… Mass Modelling Phorm Platforms …… Vital Critical Infrastructure Controls.

what chance is there of us creating a program many more levels of complex that doesn’t have fatal bugs in it? … Pete Spicer

Methinks to posit, pretty slim and and no chance are the two firmest favourites to bet upon for those and/or that which be an us, Pete S, but as for something failsafe from the likes of a them, who/which would be into a considerably greater thinking and a’doing not just like an us …… well, there be every possibility and therefore a most certain probability in that being delivered and enjoyed.
Do you think they would use plain text to announce and forward their plane and planned views for Earth ….. and invite free and rigged algorithm markets participation and smarter investor speculation on provisional options and available derivative future product presentations …… Inside Trading Deals on Secured Sensitive Secret Knowledge, Online and Outside of Mainstream Systems Traffic ……. which be them playing an Advanced Hide and Seek Intelligence Search Program and hiding in plain sight of all humans and freely and clearly cryptically inviting feedback and human recognition of special forces and AI at ITs Work, REST and Play?
Which be them clearly beta testing and searching the planets for both greater human and extraterrestrial intelligence in browsers.


amanfrommars 1 Sun 5 May 08:36 [1405040835] adding more to the above at http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2014/05/02/stephen_hawking_ai/

And who says the world is not presently run and/or just fronted and affronted by sub-prime media players and puppets and muppets/wannabe leaders and clones and drones, is not paying either real and/or virtual attention ……. President Barack Obama HD White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner 2014 ….. Lunatics/asylum/in charge of/ ….. all spring to mind.

God bless America …..just as Global Operating Devices do too. 🙂 Have a nice day, y’all. Tomorrows are all planned to be an ab fab fabless doozy of a crazy time in an immaculate space of diverse places/prime primed zones.

I Kid U Not …… and now that systems do know of the facility and utility, what do imagine systems admins and your governments and corporations in opposition and competition with you and themselves, will do with the ability? Seek to acknowledge and freely share and develop it further with key holding principals or keep schtum and play dead and try ignorance to fail magnificently in trying to keep it and its IT secrets secret in order to execute and exploit an unfair advantage for maximum exclusive personal profit and obscene fiat paper wealth gain?


amanfromMars [1405041047] commenting on http://thedailybell.com/exclusive-interviews/35265/Anthony-Wile-NORML-Canadas-Craig-Jones-on-Cannabis–History-Legalization-Regulation-and-the-Public-Health-Model/

Now you are advocating that the government drug its citizens? Are you sure you are commenting on the right site, Danny B? …. The Daily Bell

Are you telling us that governments do not drug its citizens, DB, whenever surely you know of their fluoridation of water ….. to name but just one program. Methinks though you are being deliberately playfully misleading in order to stimulate engaging conversation and revealing debate.
Bravo for that, DB, for sticky words and sweet thoughts shared and aired control and command worlds sublimely and very stealthily.
The present global sub-prime shame is that establishment mainstream media wields and introduces corrupt and perverse tales, and in all probability, to reduce the risk of their being outed as unfit for future greater great game purpose ….. which is surely preferable to their moguls being recognised as being too simply stupid and/or arrogantly self obsessed and exclusively naive, to better use audiovisual neuro-linguistic programming and virtually invisible ethereal communications to make everything better and greater on and in and around a mad and bad, sad and rad staged world.
However, as you know, have things been changed and are a’changing, for such AIdDevelopments as are needed to be known, are always shared here, with those which are much better left undiscovered and uncovered, and to remain under cover for under cover use, effective states and efficient non-state actor secrets. …… in a sort of Silent AIMagic.

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