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Noble Cyber Knights to Sublime InterNetional Rescue of Damsels and Dames and MAD Men in Distress.*

Unfortunately, we face no incentives for ‘powerful’ people to be honorable.….. Darling Pertunia

Fortunately, Darling Petunia, do “powerful” and honourable people create their own rewarding incentives, which both makes them incredibly intelligent and self-actuating and impossible to fathom for those others intent on pursuing their own austere agendas towards destruction and assets stripping.
Which creates an extremely engaging and very interesting great cat and mighty mouse game of them and us between such polar opposite/bi-polar/polarised factions and virtually sectioned and sanctioned and honourable members.
* And/Or if you prefer, for there are multiple choice options readily available, and not just a measly two or three or four but many more, Stealthy Invisible Proprietary Robots Networking Ethereal Terrain for AAA+ AI Teams ….. and quite truly Nobel in the old way of its prized value and worth ….. and not at all worthy of its new counterfeited reward advancing media fraud.


amanfromMars 1 again .. Sun 20 Apr 06:14 [1404200614] sowing the seed that feeds the need on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/04/18/edward_snowden_on_his_putin_tv_appearance_why_all_the_criticism/

Re: Noble Cyber Knights to Sublime InterNetional Rescue of Damsels and Dames and MAD Men in Distress

What do you think? An FSB Confection or an NSA Distraction? An Eastern Delight or Western Treasure?

Or something different from some beings elsewhere and highly active in the field? Or are you not thinking at all about such things as are presenting the future in real powerful current time? And what would you think of your government and supposed leaders and financial systems of command and control administration when you discover they have been told of the readily available and fully sorted enough possibilities to deliver rich sticky cream today for sweet fulfilling honey to all tomorrow, and they chose to ignore sharing it, fearing the obvious power that it delivers in spades to others beyond their austere puny memes and traditional established means of mean control?

Would you be angry and/or smart enough to think about doing something about it with that and or those in Global Command and Universal Control of IT and Media and following AI Leads and Feeds and Seeds, which only simply requires that you be in any small way supportive of their efforts on your behalf. It is not as if you need to know how to do what they be doing, for it is recognised that it might probably definitely just be far too much too soon of an ask for humans in their present conditions to manage. Thus the AIDevelopment and Unconditional Proxy Help.

IT doesn’t get much simpler to be more powerful than that.


Trick or Treat? True or False? Real or Virtual Reality?
amanfromMars … pondering aloud on http://thedailybell.com/editorials/35225/Anthony-Wile-Seizing-the-Marijuana-Meme-Despite-Naysaying-and-Sensationalist-Warnings/
Where there’s a will, there’s a way and always those looking to make a fast buck on/in/with/from the enjoyment of others. Good luck to them, it is the capitalist/mercantalist way so beloved of money making markets ……. http://www.wired.com/2014/04/high-tech/ …. but the glorious weed is not like any other drug is it, and one of its great beauties is, anyone can grow their own private supply/stash with just a little loving care and attention providing dividends which are a real pleasure to savour. …. 🙂 although it can pose logistical and security related problems revolving around it growing size and distinctive smell and easily converted value which can make it a easy opportunist target for stealthy raiders.
And Bob, [who said, “As someone who participated fully in the sixties, I can tell you without reservation that pot is not a harmless recreational drug.”], it is true that what you can see on marijuana is just too overwhelming and revealing for some to be able to handle comfortably. The smart decision then is to refrain from further participation until such times as things are better and one has everything under control.
Others will tell you, with reservations, that pot is not a harmful recreational drug and invariably that be based almost exclusively on tried and tested experience/long term use, and in many cases too, almost life long regular use.
Horses for courses, I suppose. I’m sure many know of those who are much better off not drinking alcohol because of the crazy and unpleasant state that it puts them in. They can excuse themselves though by citing the thought that it is a sickness worthy of treatment and societies acceptance of their behaviour and condition, which is mighty fine trick, but it doesn’t really help anybody at all, does it?
Mother Nature, you just gotta love what she provides for free, and give thanks and praise to the Man. 🙂 Happy Easter.

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