amanfromMars ….. sharing prize info on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35223/The-Crime-of-HFT-Is-Freelance-Manipulation-Not-Market-Distortion/ ?
Some would say that Stiglitz is a dinosaur has-been and a Nobel prize winning fraud, and a rank cheerleader for a right dodgy system of perverse and corrupt laden and ladling corporations representing certain unsavoury identities, but as for the worries that the markets have to deal with, and make daily adjustments for today and every tomorrow in the future, to safeguard futures and options positions on derivative alternative trading activities, and to protect established wealth fund portfolios from collapse due to flash smart capital flight, would he be as ignorant and arrogant as a new-born babe, for there are new algorithms to explore and exercise.

amanfromMars 1 …. Sat 19 Apr 06:35 [1404190635] … calling for an arbitrary price and realistic figure to be struck on a product for futures and future markets to market on http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/04/18/edward_snowden_on_his_putin_tv_appearance_why_all_the_criticism/

Buy the Best and One Can Never Justify Being Disappointed. What Price a GIG Base Stranglehold*?

No less than The New York Times reported that Snowden’s “surprise” appearance had actually been arranged by the Kremlin, and that he had been “a prop” on “a tightly scripted show” in which Putin took “a stunningly bold poke at the White House.”

I say, old bean, that is just too much and a downright blatant patent liberty take. That would be as those pesky Russians copying exactly the sycophantic sub-prime pantomime that is Western politics and diplomacy.

I can’t see the East following that stupid leading route and imaginatively dead root to madness and mayhem, conflict and catastrophe, no matter how much the West would wish it to be true.

Does the Wild Wacky West seriously think and delusionally believe that it has through IT and Mass Media Manipulation of Monitoring Meme and Mentoring Message, a controlling command and virtual monopoly and superior stake holding and stranglehold on the Greater IntelAIgent Gaming Base/Franchise, and that none can be significantly smarter and way further advanced and aware than they? Now that would a titanic systemic vulnerability for relentless global zeroday exploitation of transnational actor threat programs if not true and true.

*Sublime Intelligence Secret and Superior Sensitive Information Throttle.


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