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Don’t attack AIMessengers, Run with ITs Flows

do you revel in wanton syntax errors as some kind of badge? …. Metrognome

No. That would be misleading and subversive and perverse, Metrognome, and counter-productive.
Did you read and understand the paper and recognise the exploitable vulnerabilities cited and in need of secure protection, or did you find it, like I suppose many would, just presently too difficult a struggle too far ahead of the mainstream and abandon it for the false hope and cold comfort that a slaves’ ignorance provides and sustains?


amanfromMars 1 ….Thu 3 Apr 05:11 [1404030511] shaking the birds and the bees from the trees on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/04/02/extended_random_nsa_rsa_bsafe/

When a thread in a string is a rope, only a hope peddling dope realises it not as a lifeline.

Ask yourself this, what could a seriously competent, non-governmental, university based, “cyber defense” cooperative do with a quarter-trillion dollars a year in funding? If the answer is, “better than the existing intelligence services”, then I think someone needs to reconsider their budget priorities for the next decade. …. Anonymous Coward, Exploding the Myth

Such a cooperative base with grand university of life masters piloting and targeting programs and/or pogroms would easily be funded with a quarter-trillion dollars a year and if serially seriously competent in base cyber defense protocols, very likely to be able to arrange all funding for IT and themselves from vulnerable markets.

And if they want to be smarter in the future, and not want to be found lacking in all vital virtual fields of security and protection, would existing intelligence services be first to engage and offer whatever be needed to be seeded. Such a quantum leap though may be an available bridge too far for all too many of them with their current skewed priorities in maintaining the present to support the past and the status quo arrangements …. with old former and failing establishment command controllers/command and control orders/secret clubs/shadowy organs.


amanfromMars 1 …Thu 3 Apr 13:56 [1404031356] replying on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/04/02/extended_random_nsa_rsa_bsafe/

Agreeing to disagree and moving on to an alternate position allows progress to flourish

No mate.

Just your insistence of stringing together unnecessarily long sentences that render them an unreadable nonsense. One way to demonstrate a deep understanding of any topic is the ability to explain it succinctly and in layman’s terms.

However, your tirade had nothing to do with topics or issues that are difficult to grasp, just sentences that are badly put together and strewn with faux-smart leet-speak. … Metrognome

I agree, Metrognome. Keeping it stupendously simple [KISS] is the way to go, both practically and virtually almost every time so that all can comprehend if they have good brains that work at all well what is being said/shared. [Some folk, as we surely know, have severe learning difficulties and some are brain damaged, and thus are expectations of their understanding of things considerably curtailed]

However, whenever there are sensitive and better kept most secretive issues to be explored and/or discussed, is it, IMHO, always wiser to ensure that not all, nor even many, understand what is uncovered. To target a very particular and/or peculiar audience/mindset, is it necessary to only rattle a few choice doors and not bother all of the rest with something which it may be much safer to exclude them for the present from knowing. Done for all the right reasons, would that be a gracious kindness selflessly afforded, methinks.



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