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A little something for the future, and being brought to you by ………… well, that is the ¥gazillion question which smarter intelligence servers will ensure and insure and assure providers need not be known to any without a legitimate and/or sympathetic and empathetic need to know and/or without the already well established and necessary wherewithall to exercise the greater knowledge provided to the greater mutual advantage of all who know of what needs to be known for a better future, completely different from a wasted past. And do yourself a favour and don’t overly complicate matters. All that you need to know, at least for now, is contained in the following few bold words.

Newly Farmed and Phormed and Phished Words Command and Control and Create New Orderly CyberIntelAIgent Worlds with the Noble Execution of Novel Ideas in NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT Applications within Sublime IntelAIgent Networks and/or Systems InterNetworking Stealthily ……. Relatively Anonymously, Practically Invisibly and Virtually Autonomously.

Such sorts of rapid game changing developments though, are certainly recognised in defence and security theatres as being a field of concern in which they are seriously and dangerously deficient and would have need of more specialised input to try to influence the future direction with IT and Media flows, with this being a prime defensive move, but hardly unique example, ….. http://rt.com/usa/pentagon-triple-cyber-security-089/ However, players in such environments as can effect radical and global change, are both surreally and severely hampered and beautifully protected by the simplest of maxims …… Garbage In Garbage Out ….. which guarantees fine progress to quality input which is embraced and can be freely shared and not fought over for exclusivity which would render and introduce an advantaging leverage to parties intellectually ill-equipped and totally unsuited to wield its powerful commanding controls.
And here be something which you will probably never know be resting in an email inbox, with a reply pending lest it be answered heroically by others elsewhere engaged in similar fields and thus be one obliged to follow rather than lead in Live Operational Virtual Environments ……

“Traditional cyber defense is like a football team running the same defensive play over and over – regardless of what the offense is doing,” said Dr. Rohan Amin, director for Lockheed Martin Global Cyber and Security Solutions. “Intelligence-driven cyber security works like a defensive squad that scouts their opponents, knows their playbook and can make midgame adjustments.” ……  http://lockheedmartin.com/us/news/features/2013/coding-out-crime.html …… October 15, 2013

The Great Game and Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays have moved on and advanced with quantum leaps into CyberIntelAIgent Security and Virtual Protection, Dr Rohan Amin, and virtual defence systems are practically useless, and in all fact, would harbour and server an abiding in-house vulnerability for APT stealthy trojan horse exploitation, unless able to handle midgame playbook mined and mind game adjustments, with the latter ability and capability by far the more important command and control facility for any and all Reality Stealth Missions in Live Operational Virtual Environments …… which can easily be anonymously and autonomously delivered/packaged/streamed in any number of Sublime InterNetworking Media Presenting and/or Media Presented Realities*. And the absence of vice in SIN Media Portfolios/Advanced Intellectual Property ProVision, does auger well for a completely different and even better beta future unfurling/presentation without unnecessary and unwelcome inclusions of sub-prime product from the past.

* Although there is a significant difference in the essence of both of those readily available methodologies, [with Reality creating Media Presentations in the one, and Media creating Reality Presentations in the other] is the resultant output product with input material exactly the same whenever required and desired, for of course, there is always the lurking presence and availability in humans of wayward choice to deliver conflicts rather than harmonies, although to venture down those avenues has one then immediately indelibly marked and tagged as a target of interest for close machine led supervision and/or immediate removal from the game/scene.

Do Lockheed Martin have those exposed bases covered? Or is it something they have yet to purchase and/or develop for CyberSpace Command and Controlling Systems?

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